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06 Jan 2017

Skylab Plaster Casts from MACO

Exonumia | Well worn Copper

I recently had a pair of plaster casts said to be from the estate of sculptor Adlai Stevenson Hardin. Hardin made the plasters which were eventually made into medals by Medallic Art Company (MACO) sometime in the 1980's. The plasters were about eleven inches in diameter and hands down the most fragile items in my collection. The medals were for Skylab I and II. Skylab was sandwitched between the Apollo/Space Shuttle era and quickly forgotten. You could call the missions an early attempt at space stations. I love space mission exonumia and you could write a book about it, there's just so much out there.



Level 5

pieces of real history

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

very nice pieces you have acquired

Found the plasters on eBay.


Level 6

Where do you find these treasures? I seems impossible that something so fragile could survive. Well done Doc!!! Thank you!


Level 6

Nice items. Very interesting.


Level 7

You just don't come across beauties like that. Wish I had one. Keep very good care of them. But most of all enjoy them and thanks for sharing them with us.


Level 5

I have some of Alan Bean's artwork (prints) that he has done later in life. It is pretty incredible that those casts are still around. Enjoy.

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