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22 May 2020

The 1963 "Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy" Notes

| Well worn Copper

I happened upon this story while reading an old 1967 Coins magazine. Apparently there was a wild rumor going around that certain 1963 bills foretold and commemorated the assassination of President Kennedy. These were series 1963 Dallas (K) notes. Here's what the notes supposedly foretold: The Federal Reserve Bank is divided into 12 districts. Each district has a number and letter. District 11, letter K , happened to be Dallas, Texas. The "K" was for Kennedy and "11" was for the November. Better yet, 11 plus 11 equals 22. So you now have (K) Kennedy, (11) November 22 1963 printed on the note. Also the serial numbers carried the prefix "K" and suffix "A" letters, supposedly for "Kennedy Assassination." The bill was worth even more if the serial number featured numbers such as 1122 or 112263. Also, the big black K surrounded by the Federal Reserve seal was "draped in black for presidential mourning." Apparently word on the street was these notes commemorated Kennedy's murder and were worth a premium. I don't recall hearing this story until reading about it a few days ago, but then again I don't really collect currency. I checked on eBay and sure enough someone was offering one of these complete with the urban legend. Yet another example of the power of coincidence.



Level 6

Never heard that one before. That one is a bit of a stretch, in my opinion. Fun blog. Thanks. I just noticed 2 of those notes are "Star". I wonder what that adds to the story.

Cool! Texas is "the Lone Star state"! See what you started!

Long Beard

Level 4

Never heard that one before. But it is certainly easy to see how a mournful public could perceive these things.


Level 5

Conspiracy theories all, but interesting. Who thinks this stuff up? I've always said some people got way too much time on their hands. At any rate nice write-up Well Worn Copper, I had never heard this told before.


Level 4

Very interesting story. Never heard about this before.


Level 5

Never heard that story before, I wonder if their widely collected? Kind of reminds me of the Lincoln Cents with Kennedy's outline stamped to the right of Lincoln attached to a card with the whole list of coincidences between Lincoln and Kennedy. Both presidents were elected to Congress in '46. Both presidents were elected to the presidency in '60. "Lincoln" and "Kennedy" each have 7 letters. Both were particularly concerned with civil rights. Both married in their 30s to women in their 20s. Both lost a son while living in the White House. Both were shot on a Friday. Both were shot in the head. Both were shot in the presence of their wives. Lincoln's secretary, Kennedy, warned him not to go to the theatre. Kennedy's secretary, Lincoln, warned him not to go to Dallas. Both were assassinated by Southerners. Both were succeeded by Southerners. Both successors were named Johnson. Both successors were born in '08. Both assassins, John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald, were born in '39. Both assassins were known by their three names. Each assassin's name is composed of fifteen letters. Booth ran from the theater and was caught in a warehouse; Oswald ran from a warehouse and was caught in a theater. Booth and Oswald were assassinated before their trials.


Level 4

Crazy what some people will believe! Interesting story, thanks for sharing with us!

Mike B

Level 6

Very well said. I enjoyed that. Some of these people go out of there way spending years on making these up. One thing i agree on will we ever know the whole truth about all these things. I doubt it. Thanks a gain.

Mike B

Level 6

I have heard of this. About a week after i was home from 9/11. . They were telling this story and folding the twenty dollar bill that showed the towers coming down or something like that. I was there that day. I also found out other notes would tell the story of other tradgeys. There neet but you can do anything with numbers and folding. I believe. Its random someone picks it up and the rest is history. I doubt very much that thes notes were made purposefully for this reason. Do you know who was behind the grassy knoll. I agree another urban legand. There was one to do with two presidents and there vice presidents cant remer that one some one will bring it up. Thanks makes you think. I told you some one would remsmber thanks Mokester i knew you would remember. That was a big one.

I also remember something about folding the dollar bill after 9/11 and seeing something. What did Mark Twain say? "A lie will fly around the whole world, while the truth is still getting it's boots on ."

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