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29 Mar 2020

The Eyam Boundary Stone, English Coinage, and the 1665 Plague

| Well worn Copper

In 1665, a plague swept through the English village of Eyam. The residents of Eyam selflessly self-quarantined themselves and depended upon food and medical supplies from outsiders. To safety facilitate trade, villagers would leave vinegar-soaked coins in the holes of the village's "boundary stone". (It was believed vinegar would make the coins sterile) Outsiders would then take the coins and leave food and supplies, thus minimizing the plague's effect on the town's people. The Eyam Boundary Stone still rests in it's original spot, and because of the Coronavirus pandemic has reminded people everywhere of the mercy of strangers. That's something to reflect upon should you have a 1665-dated English coin in your collection.



Level 6

Great history lesson. We can all learn something from those villagers especially during these times. Thank for a great blog!


Level 5

Very fitting blog. People during this time need to help each other more than ever. Take precautions definitely, but someone has to help the sick, the old, the weak, the Village! Good blog.


Level 1

Interesting story. Imagine the coins that fell off that boulder onto the ground over the years. I am going to use my metal detector and dig dig dig. Really? I can't fly there anymore? I guess they're safe for now. :)

Probably not the first one to have that thought. :)

Long Beard

Level 5

Something I did not know. Thanks so much.


Level 5

Incredible story. Amazing the stone still sits in same place after all these years. If the stone was used for this back then its probably been there for thousands of years? Thanks for the post.


Level 6

Excellent and timely blog. Vinegar should have done the job. Thank you for this. This is the kind of thing the media should be showing now Hope and cooperation.


Level 5

We could learn a thing or two from the residents of Eyam from 1665!


Level 7

We need one now.. Even back then they had enough intelagence to stay together. . Hisory does repeat itseld.

It's Mokie

Level 6

A lesson from the past to be sure, we are all in this together and cooperation will get us through this much more quickly and with many more saved lives.

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