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13 Apr 2020

Underground Artist "Rency" and his $2 Bills

| Well worn Copper

There is apparently an "American born underground street artist" by the name of Rency who creates "pop art" on actual two dollar bills. Subjects include everyone from Martin Luther King, Elvis Presley, Donald Trump, and even Ronald McDonald. Copies of his work sell worldwide starting at $19.95 on up. As most of us are just sitting around the house, I'd figured I'd toss this out for everyone's opinion. Some collectors find anything added to a piece of U.S. currency an act of disrespect, while other's might say at least he's doing something with the $2 bill, and it beats sitting them in bank vaults. As for myself, I find it all "interesting," but there's a fine line to some of the subject matter. PMG and Legacy probably wouldn't touch them, and whether they would attract new collectors is anybody's guess. In the end I guess art is in the eye of the beholder.



Level 5

Never seen these before let alone heard of them. So it is covering up one artist art with another artist's art. Hmm.

Long Beard

Level 5

While these are not for me, I do not consider them a bad thing. Much like the colorized and comic book coins, these forms of expression are collectible in their own right. I personally know a few who began collecting these without ever owning what we consider a coin only to discover them later on and assemble some outstanding sets. I say to each their own if that's what you enjoy.


Level 7

Years ag o they cakled it grafetti. Destroying public property. G ot caught doing trains you cleaned them and paid a fine.. Buildins thensame. But out of that came some very interesting and talented artist. The example is in the pictures. I bet they started out the wrong wayan perfected ther e style. Great blog i love the pictures. Very talented.thanks. Also i collect cards sports. Some thought that if they got an autograph on a plazers rookie card it increased the value. Not so. It made it worthless. That was called grafetti. The players would ask are you sure you want me to sign this? They also knew. Thanks.


Level 6

I used to have a five dollar bill that someone very skillfully drew flames on the reverse. The flames were very tattoo style and I received it in change. I finally sold it for $5 to a friend who collects all kinds of $5 bills. I see nothing wrong with it and would love to get another one down the line, but in change. (:


Level 2

Pretty cool. Is this a combination of paint and printer lithography? Some of the pictures look too good! Regardless, thanks for sharing


Level 6

Never seen this before or this guy. I didn't think there would be anything worse looking than colorized coins. I was wrong. Personal opinion.. I could be wrong.


Level 5

Never heard of RENCY artwork on a 2 dollar bill. Don't think I would seek them out and start a collection. Might be interesting to own a couple if I could get them at a great price. As for disrespect, I am not sure. Coins are being plated, painted on and defaced in some way all the time. Jewelry is made out of coins, HOBO nickels are being made etc. I don't think Jefferson would mind a few of his 2 dollar bills being turned into some kind of artwork also. Thanks for the post.

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