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08 Jun 2018

US/NK Peace Summit Commeratives

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Sales of the US/North Korea Peace Summit commemorative "coin" appear pretty ho-hum. eBay is listing quite a few ranging from $49 to $999 (good luck, dude). Whoever designed this "coin" was obviously not a numismatist. American collectors don't like colorized coins, medals, or paper money, so that's strike one. The design isn't so good either, and at first glance looks like the inside of a bottle cap.  eBay is also selling  a knock-off medal for $138. It gives no information regarding size, or metal content, which isn't good either. Seems someone out there thinks coin collectors will buy just about anything. Probably have better luck selling them in the slick Sunday Paper adverts. I also wouldn't be surprised if someone starts a rumor the U.S. Mint will recall all copies of the 1991 Korean War Commemorative Silver Dollar if peace is established, and prices go thru the roof.  Either way, good luck Don and Kim.



Level 6

We used to pry out the cork inside the bottle caps. You had to be careful and get it all out in one piece. Then you could wear the bottle cap as a badge with the cork pressed back inside from the inside of your t-shirt. Old guy fun!!


Level 6

It does look the inside of a bottle cap! That's funny! It's a horrible design...even with the size of the figures...Donald Trump should tower over Kim Jong-Un.


Level 6

You are right, it looks like the inside of a bottle cap.


Level 7

A terrible design. I would not buy it. It's just ugly to me. Thanks. Mike


Level 6

If the summit is a success, maybe they will sell better. The design does not do too much for me.

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