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25 Mar 2020

Support Your Local Coin Stores

Exonumia | coinfodder

Hey Folks.During COVID-19, quarantines and other jolly stuff is forcing places to close. Restaurants, Small Businesses, and the ilk. But what about coin stores? Most of these don't fall under the "essential" business label, and are forced to shut down.So want do we do?Help them, of course! Donate meals to them. Some of these folks only get money from the store they own, and because of that, may have trouble providing food to them and there families.Help them when their store opens back up. Make a big purchase to keep them afloat.Thanks,YN and Boy ScoutUser 77959

25 Mar 2020

The World's Smallest Coin

Coins - World | coinfodder

So folks. Earlier this year the Swiss mint came out with a gold coin of Albert Einstein. Look at the picture I posted to the post. No big deal, right?Until you see the specs of this thing.The gold coin dated 2020 is so small, that the mint provided you a magnifying glass so you could see the Einstein sticking his tongue at you. Precisely, the coin is 1/500th of a pure ounce of gold.No one would want a coin like that. It probably not even suitable for bullion usage.Well, when it went on sell, the coin sold out fast. Only 500 were made, so this coin is sure to become an ultra rarity.Want is next on the line of super tiny coins? A tiny NGC or PCGS holder? We will see what the future will hold.

24 Mar 2020

Should I Collect or Sell Bullion during the period of COVID-19?

Coins | coinfodder

With the lowering cost of bullion lately because of COVID-19, many people are flocking to the US Mint and dealer to collect tons of bullion. As of 3/24/2020, the price of silver is$13.69, and the price of gold is$1,567.55. These are some lows for silver, and it is pretty low for gold. So, should I buy bullion during this time?PRO- Low CostJust like the stock market, the rule with precious metals is to buy low and sell at a profit. Now would be a great time to invest in some ASE's or Gold Eagles. Also, collectors for circulation coins like Morgan or Peace dollars could benefit from the low price of silver right now.CON- UncertaintyWhen COVID-19 deaths seemed to level off in late February, the prices seem to stabilize and rise a little. But after the huge spike of fatalities from COVID, the prices plunged even further. Now would not be a good time to sell Franklin Mint Medals, as they are only worth the cost of the silver contained inside of them. Sellers may want to be cautious selling, as another death spike (743 dead in Italy today) could set silver and gold prices down even further.WHATS THE CALL?If you are not worried about the fluctuations in the market, by all means, buy some bullion. But if you are a seller, DON"T DO IT. If you've already made a serious move to sell to someone, you're going to lose quite a bit of money.

15 Mar 2020

Will it be Possible to Collect Every Type of Coin Again?

Collecting Tips | coinfodder

The last person to collect every single possible known coin passed away in 1976.Louis E. Eliasberg, of Baltimore, Maryland, was the last person, and to date only, person that has collected every single known coin and mintmark.Will this ever happen again?I say no. Here's why.

07 Mar 2020

The Guide Book of Coins, Mega Red

ANA Library | coinfodder

For over 70 years, the Guide Book of United States Coins has been a main staple for coin collectors of all ages. The 400-something paged book has been released every year since 1947, when Richard S. Yeo (under the pen name R.S. Yeoman) published the book. In recent times, collectors have demanded more information.So cue the Deluxe Edition, the Mega Red Book of Coins.Inside it's pages is much more information than what is found inside the typical red book. For Example, the Peace Dollar section in the regular Red Book is only one and a-half pages of information of pricing. However, inside Mega Red, the Peace Dollar's gets one and a-half pages for just the introduction to the type.So, it's clear that this book is much more detailed than your typical Red Book.Also, for every edition, the book has an expansive look at a denomination. For the last book (5th Edition) this was Quarters. The section was over two hundred pages long, and every page inside the section shows the detail put inside.

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