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04 Mar 2021

One Year of Fodder- Thank You

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Hey everyone. 7:30 AM on the East Coast, from the usual place, I remembered that a year ago, I wrote my first blog on coins, and all things coins. It was about the Mega Red Book of Coins, and I got some stuff from y'all, including a Mike who thought I had blocked him (still, I say, no I did not). Well, me or you guys couldn't of seen what happened next. A series of blogs, running through the United States, that actually reaches the half-way point (well, 22 out 50 is close). A long set of articles of me throwing pot-shots at the mint director. And most importantly, I found a footing in this great hobby. This needs to be thanked. First, Mike (B), who gave me the encouragement to keep writing these. John (longstrider), Charlie (sly), and Mokie for occasional bombs in the message section. Fellow YN Preston (numismaster) for bombing me in the message box, 7:00 PM at night, telling me to answer something, which helped me learn more about the hobby. Overall, though, this section is dedicated to three people; you, my family for dealing with this, and God himself. Only he knows the true reason I do this.
I have changed my avatar, but you will still see the smiling face of Patton on it. It says "Coinfodder: One Year of Blogs". I can't stress it enough, this is because of you.
On a side note, note the Godfather Reference in my last post.



Level 5

Thanks for being a part of this blog site.


Level 6

Happy Anniversary! Its amazing how fast a year can go by. Glad to have you here! Always enjoy your blogs. ; )


Level 4

A strange year indeed.


Level 5

Happy anniversary! 1 year goes by fast.


Level 5

Congratulations on a year my friend! My one year mark is April fools day, my first blog was August I think. You have learned as we have learned from you, that's what makes this site awesome. Now personally, I would never trash talk the mint director, wait... I do! Lol, later Pally!


Level 5

Nice updated avatar! Congratulations on a year!


Level 5

Haha, if you ever need a message at 7:00 PM, I got you! Thanks for the call-out (: Happy numismatic anniversary, and I wish you many more to come! Keep your head up, and keep learning!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Glad you are one of us! Happy anniversary!


Level 5

LOL...Congrats for hanging in there! I can honestly say that this hobby takes "perseverance" ! Take care my friend and stay SAFE!


Level 7

Now you got it.


Level 6

No bombs here. I sure didn't intend any. Oh well. Good to have you. Nice avatar.. Thanks.


Level 6



Level 7

Congratulations on making a year. That is great considering the year we had. I don't think anyone bombed you. They were suggestions. One has to understand the suggestions may sound that way but there intention was nothing but to get you on track. You did the work. You took the suggestions. Now your on the way to becoming a great collector. Now you have friends your learning everyday. And you will continue to learn . I still learn . Just keep up the good work. Someday a passion will hit you about this hobby. I you will love ever minute of it.. Always liked that Avutar!!


Level 5

Ahhahaha. They were suggestion-bombs.

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