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29 Jan 2015

Improving the appearance of your coin

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I have some coins that have some sort of sediment on them. Some appears to be a glue like substance and others are either corrosion or just crud. Any suggestions on how I can improve the appearance of my coins without damaging the value? I know that the general rule is to not clean your coin, but I have to believe there are exceptions to this rule.

I know this site has manyopinions on collecting coins and how they should be handled, stored and preserved. If you have a method that can improve the appearance of coins without damage, please share how you go about it.



Level 5

Or you should try NCS.


Level 5

Whatever you do, don't do it yourself.


Level 6

The only 2 exceptions I use is if you don't care about their worth to other numismatists' and you just want to clean them up for you to enjoy. The other way is to use NGC or PCGS to "conserve " them. That is explained on their web sites. Good luck!

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