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01 Jan 2015

New to ANA- my collection-grading coins

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First off, I wish all a very pleasant and happy New Year. I hope everyone is in good spirits today and did not over indulge last evening. Finally, I am a new member to the ANA, but have been collecting coins for several years. My interest has always been in old US coins (pre- 1959). Lately I have been concentrating on bettering my collection by being very selective on the coins I purchase. I have been attempting to improve my skills on grading coins, but it seems what I might grade as a fine coin others grade as Extremely Fine or Very Fine. I have been using the official American Numismatic Association Grading Standards along with Grading Coins by Photographs by Q. David Bowers, but it still leaves significant wiggle room on grading. The other option is to purchase coins that have been graded by a professional grading service, but I believe that is still subjective. Any ideas on how to improve my skills would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to being coached and taught the finer points of coin collecting through this membership.

Looking forward to conversing with the group.



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Awesome blog!


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Happy New Years! By attend summer class will help you out in different ways.


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Welcome to the ANA and Happy New Year to you! We are very excited to have you with us. One way to improve your grading skills is by attending our Summer Seminar. We have a class specifically oriented towards coin grading. I included the link for you: https://www.money.org/summer-seminar. Best wishes and happy grading!

Something I would do is read about the particular coin and the details that makes the grade. Eg. Morgan dollars with signs of wear in the hair, and wear in the high points etc that makes it not an UNC coin. And if you are talking about lower grade coins,see what details are missing and or present to make it worth the grade. Eg. Full liberty on Standing liberty coins, etc. To test your knowledge on grading, what i do is print out pictures from PCGS Photograde, cut of the grade, and then grade it. Afterwards, check Photograde again if you got close to the grade. Hope I helped you! If you have any further queries, feel free to contact either me or any ANA members that are happy to help you. Yours Truly, Jordan Teo

Test yourself with PCGS Photograde. Read about the details about coin grading online.

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