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28 Aug 2015

Sample Slabs

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A sample slab is created when a third-party grading service changes the image on their slab. They give these slabs to the general public to introduce the new look. Sometimes sample slabs can be collectable, and there are numismatists who specialize in sample slabs.

A third-party grading service is a place where people send in numismatic items to be given a grade on the 1-70 scale. The service also “slabs” the items in a sonically sealed holder. There are many certification services, some being NCG, ANACS, and PCGS. They were created to protect buyers from buying a coin that is overgraded and, therefore, overpriced. They often change the look of their slabs, therefore creating a need for sample slabs.

When the third-party certification service changes the look of their holder, they want numismatists to accept it. In order to accomplish this, they give out examples of the new look of the holder. They usually introduce them at major coin shows. In the holders, they usually put a Lincoln cent or Roosevelt dime. Sometimes, more modernly, they place a more collectable coin inside the holder, such as a State Quarter or a Presidential Dollar. They usually give these holders to dealers and interested collectors.

The grade on a sample used to be just like a normal slab. Later, they changed the grade to NG or 00 to save work. NG means No Grade. They place a place-holder grade upon the slab to show where it would be on the new holders.

The hobby within numismatics of collecting sample slabs is a relatively new one. It has few collectors, making it easy for hobbyists to find slabs considered valuable with a value of about 40-55 dollars. There is nowhere for these values to go but up. It is anticipated by fans that the hobby will take off soon. The advantage to this hobby is that you can create a large collection of sample slabs for only the cost of the entrance and travel fees to a major coin show. The disadvantage to this hobby is that in your collection you will have mainly modern coins.

The hobby of collecting sample slabs is new, but the idea of sample slabs has been out as long as the grading services. Sample slabs help these grading services with introducing their holder to the public. It is a small hobby, and fairly new, with a low collector base, and, therefore, prices.






Level 6

Interesting...I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing!


Level 5

Thanks for sharing. I never would have even thought about this possibility.

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