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02 Mar 2021

Inventory software or App

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I’ve been accumulating coins for the past 15 years 90% of them being precious metal types. Now I’m becoming a more serious collector and would like to inventory my collection by inputting them into a software program or App that can record my cost, the coins specifics, and current value based solely on melt value of the base metal. Does anyone know of a software program or app that can do these things? Of course I would like to input more information but this gives you an idea of the basics. Thank you for any help or guidance that can be provided



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Grandpa uses Excel.


Level 6

I use the NGC site for my slabbed coins and a spreadsheet for the others. I do not log any raw coins/sets in the spreadsheet unles they are worth at least $20.


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I like the old fashioned way of keeping a notebook. I do also use a spreadsheet on the computer. ; )


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Excel does work great. I have been using Coin Elite by Trove Software for years. It is very adaptable to whatever your collecting interests are.


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You know... I am cheap haha!! I use Excel and Word. I put the name of my coin in one column, a picture in the other, my buying price, rebook/greysheet value, and what I would like to sell it for.


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If you subscribe to Coin World they have an on line program to inventory your coins. I just use an Excel spreadsheet but since I'm old I also write it in a hard copy. I know... I get the form form the Numismatic Crime site available here. I'm also about a year behind but that's another story. Thanks.

I. R. Bama

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Yes, I have two different one and I wrote a pros and cons blog about them last year that perhaps you can find. Hope it is helpful


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I have seen many types of programs, all seem to offer different options. I am also old fashioned, when I purchase a coin the receipt goes into a file by coin type, while I have a computer listing by individual coin type or set including purchase price plus any associated costs such as submission to NGC etc. I don't list current value in any way since the values often change, for me this is enough. I know that's not what you were asking but its the only advice I can personally give you. I'm sure there are great programs that can meet your needs and this is the right place to ask, good luck, let us know if you get an excellent program, I'm not incapable of change, lol! Later!


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Iwrite my coins on a notebook. My parents use excel and spreadsheets


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There are many software programs out there. Everyone has a favorite. Me I'm old fashioned. I get a certified coin it goes into two book. All the label info. One book goes back in the safe. Also were it's raw it's listed what holder there in and were it's stored.This way you have two records.. I have 27 years written down. One at a time as I bought them!


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I've been looking also for something. Some on the site have suggested before. Accumulating a bunch of coins is fine, but becomes frustrating. I would log the main collection of sets and nice coins, and not worry about the accumulations so much of low value items. Record the sets progress, and key collection items. Work on lessening the accumulation stuff. Just my idea for myself.

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