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10 Jan 2021

A Project delayed

Coins-United States | Stumpy

I am in the process of upgrading my Lincoln Cent collection for my new Dansco Albums, completing one with & one without Proofs. I am currently on back order from Dansco as they are not producing Albums at this time due to COVID-19, which has seriously slowed this project down.

09 Jan 2021

United States Mints Incompetence shines through, Again!

Coins | Stumpy

Yesterday I received an e-mail from the U.S. Mint telling me that I had met all requirements for free shipping through the Loyalty Shipping Program. I ignored this e-mail because I am aware of the requirements under this program and knew I had not met them, since the program resets ever Jan 1st. Well today I get an e-mail from the U.S. Mint apologizing for this "e-mail sent in error". It went on to further explain that yes, the original rules were correct and you would not receive free shipping until you had met those requirements. Wow, by itself, this is not a big deal, added to the sheer number of other gaffes, blunders, lack of proper planning and incompetent Management decisions exhibited by the Mint over the last year I have to ask myself... When will this end? How much more are we expected to endure? I have said this before, and will now say it again, if this were a private business, Mr. Ryder and his lackeys would have been fired by now. I say this to Mr. Ryder, "Good God Man, get a grip". An honorable, truly dedicated person who cared about the Mint, it's good name and the formerly loyal customer base would step down, after apologizing for his obvious incompetence. He is in way over his head and it continues to be shockingly obvious from the crap coming out of the mint, over and over and over, (and I ain't talking about the coins), Mr. Ryder, do yourself, the U.S. Mint and us, the formerly loyal customers a favor, Step Down, Now! Nuff Said.

05 Jan 2021

Bronze Medals, Value for your Buck...Not!

Exonumia | Stumpy

On 1 Jan 2021, the United States Mint followed through on a promise to raise their prices on 3-inch Bronze Medals from $39.95 to $160.00, a 400 percent price increase.

04 Jan 2021

The Token in the Pit, 1929-1954, Pullman Standard Car

Tokens | Stumpy

When I opened the container on this token for the first time in about 40 years, I initially thought it was one of the tokens my Dad left me. Then a couple of months ago I was talking to an old friend from years past & he asked me if I still had the "Old Train Coin" & did I remember the day I found it. Bells started ringing in my head. You see in 1979 I was a busy feller, I was in college at Auburn University Montgomery, while working full time at a Cotton Mill & part time at a Stop & Rob (early southern Mom & Pop country store), all while trying to date a purdy gal. Why is Youth wasted on the Young? Lol!

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