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30 Aug 2020

Pretty Ladies

Coins-United States | Stumpy

My wife decided about five months ago that she likes the American Eagle Silver Dollars, or as she simply calls them “My Pretty Ladies”, not bad for a gal who never was interested in coins before. I had not quite made up my mind on collecting them. She liked them so much that she researched and bid on some at a couple of on-line auctions. Well, I read the tea leaves, made the supreme sacrifice and now we collect American Eagle Silver Dollars.

23 Aug 2020

French Protectorate Coinage

Coins-World | Stumpy

My Dad was in North Africa and Italy with a B-24 Bomb Group during WWII, he found and sent a few things home to his Dad in Alabama. Growing up, my Dad and Granddad would sometimes pull out the “ole stuff” and tell some interesting story behind it. This coin is and always has been one of my favorites. Memories alone make this coin priceless to me. This is my first attempt to share some of my love for older US and World coins, I hope I do it justice.

01 Aug 2020


Coins-United States | Stumpy

Good Day All,Thanks for the posts and items you folks have been placing. I am an old guy but a new member. This is my first post so I'm not even sure I'm doing it correctly.Due to Covid I have never even been to a meeting or joined a local club. My family left me around 9000 coins in the early 80s, silver, copper, nickel, you name it. I had it in proper storage during my military career, sometimes adding to it but mostly just ignoring it. I am ready to become an active collector.I read everything I can get my hands on, hard copy, e-books, ect. I have decided to submit some coins for certification and could use some advice.Not sure it this is the proper way to do this as I am not very good with computers. But if this is a correct post, any advice would be appreciated.Thanks for all the posts, I really enjoy them and have received a lot of knowledge from them.Thanks again, Stumpy

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