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29 Sep 2020

Confused in Nevada

Coins-United States | Stumpy

I truly hate to post a blog with just a few questions, but this is the most efficient way to get the best feedback so please excuse me this one time. I have been talking to some of the older members and have gotten some good answers but I am still somewhat confused. I am smart enough to think I know the basic reasons for their behavior but as a former corporate manager I am still stunned by a seeming lack of acute business sense, also please keep in mind that even though I'm an older guy, I only became involved in April of this year, so I don't have any practical experience with the U.S. Mint to compare to.

13 Sep 2020

Canada Does it Again!

Coins - World | Stumpy

2020 - 75th Anniversary of the End of the Second World War Commemorative Collector Keepsake Card

11 Sep 2020

Coin, Collectibles or Toys?

Exonumia | Stumpy

I was raised on a Farm in Central Alabama, my Grandfather a retired State Conservation officer farmed full time after his retirement & my Dad was an Engineer in the area. We were not dirt poor but we didn't have much cash, everyone bartered in those days. I received gifts on my Birthday and at Christmas but none during the year & you didn't get an allowance, you had chores. Don't get me wrong, we lacked for nothing and were happy, although as some of you old folks may relate, I remember our first TV, no, it was not color, & I was almost a Teen before we had a car with Air Conditioning. Heck, our phone was a "Party Line" until 1977, if you're young and don't know what that is, ask your grandparents or look it up, it's ancient. Many of my toys were hand me downs or even hand-made, some were just junk stuff we got from different places. The coins below were given to me as a kid to "Play" with. While I don't consider them part of my collection, they have an honored place in my memory and I take care of them to this day.

06 Sep 2020

To Clean or Not to Clean, the eternal dilemma

| Stumpy

I find myself in a quandary, so I thought I would reach out on a very touchy subject.

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