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30 Oct 2020

After 42 years a 1909 VDB

Coins-United States | Stumpy

You can buy one of the above beauties for as little as 15 to 20 dollars, and trust me you can also spend a whole lot more on them. Those of course would be the Philadelphia & San Francisco 1909 Lincoln Cent, VDB, identified by having only a date, no mintmark & an S respectively. They are pretty common since there were almost 28 million struck. The 1909 S however, is a bird of a different color, only 484,000 of those were struck.

20 Oct 2020

"Pretty Ladies", 2020 S

Coins-United States | Stumpy

For the American Silver Eagle, the year 2020 has been an odd year. There have been the "Usual Suspects", the 2020 W & S Proofs, the 2020 W Uncirculated, or as some refer to it "Burnished". The 2020 S is expected to be included in the United States Mint Limited Edition 2020 Silver Proof Sets, and in Nov we have a proof ASE honoring the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII, limited mintage of 75,000. It will have a privy mark ("V75 privy mark is in relief within a recessed cartouche shaped like the rainbow pool that is part of the WWII memorial"). Good luck getting one. Lol.

18 Oct 2020

250th Anniversary of Thomas Jefferson's Birth Commemorative Coin

Coins-United States | Stumpy

1993, 250th Anniversary of Thomas Jefferson's Birth, April 13, 1793

09 Oct 2020

Montgomery City Lines Bus Token, Good for one Fare

Exonumia | Stumpy

On 1 Dec 1955, Mrs. Rosa Parks made history. If you aren’t familiar with this story, I strongly advise you to take a moment to google “Rosa Parks”, go ahead, I’ll wait.

01 Oct 2020

Massacre of 1813 equals New President, Democratic Party Plus?

Medals | Stumpy

How You ask? As my Grandfather would say "Gather round youngin's and listen to how a tale of Settlers Greed, Indian Savagery, Militia Revenge, and Victory in war led to a Generals election to the highest office in the land".

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