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14 Jul 2018

Book Review For Adventure Across The States National Park Quarters

Young Numismatists Exchange | user_86205

     In my opinion, this book does a fantastic job in covering base numismatic knowledge in less than one hundred pages. The start of the book well explains coin history, grading, proper storage, fundamental terminology, and types of coins in just few pages. A non collector could pick up the book and could know just as much as an average collector. The book than goes into the one thing some coin collecting pass over. The history. The author then goes into detail explaining why each national park is special, and all the historical action that has taken place at each one. Each national park is summarized up oustandly well in the few words written to describe for many, speechless places. It then continues on to give information about online clubs for beginners to join. I think this book deserves five stars because of all that was accomplished in this short, informative, and useful book. I believe it summarized each national park outstandingly well in such few words.  This book was an amazing numismatic read.

(This book was written by Whitman Publishing and is an Official Whitman Guidebooks.)



Level 4

Cool book! What are some of the online clubs in the book? ~Matt


Level 3

Some of the listed clubs and websites (some of the websites may have changed as the book was written 8 years ago): Civil War Token Society. www.cwtsociety.com Colonial Coin Collectors Club. www.colonialcoins.org CONECA. www.conecaonline.org Early America Coppers. www.eacs.org Numismatic Bibliomania Society. www.coinbooks.org Society of Paper Money Collectors. www.spmc.org Token and Medal Society. www.tokenandmedal.org Canadian Numismatic Association. www,canadian-numismatic.org


Level 6

Glad to see this book available. National Park 25c do not seem as popular as Statehood 25c.


Level 7

Sounds like I answered this already. It depends on the coins the author most coin books are about specific things either coins you own or need it's up to each individual collector. Look at our library 127,000 books on anything your looking for that seems easier for me than searching. I call them tell them what I'm looking for they send it to you. Don't forget to send it back. It's cheaper than buying them all. Thanks Mike.

Pocketful of History. I will need to check this out. Can't wait for the YN auction this September.


Level 6

Sounds like a must have book if your'e into collecting State National Park Quarters. Thanks for the review!


Level 3

Put any good numismatic book recommendations in the comment section.

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