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26 Aug 2016

are my coins good?

Coins | user_8636

I have no idea what my coins are worth I need help


Pliny The Elder

Level 5

As suggested already, the Red Book is king. It also gives some advice for making a rough grade determination, to assist you in getting your values.


Level 5

A reputable dealer would be good start. As for worth that depends upon condition, date, mintmark, etc. Start with a grading standards book. Then like others stated the Red Book. Just remember the the Red Book is full retail pricing. Take 35% off for typical expected worth.


Level 7

You have to buy the Red Book the regular or The Deluxe Red Book. Has great articles and will tell you what you want to know. Coin Wold has a pice list every month. The Numismatic News has a price list once in a while. But you need a price book.


Level 6

The RedBook is a must for coin values and overall great information. You can also go to eBay to get a ballpark idea of a coins worth.


Level 2

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