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30 Nov 2020

How I started collecting

Coins-United States | World coin collector

I look inside a box of coins that were different designs of coins that look cool I needed to know more about those coins so I have been collecting ever since two years ago.



Level 6

That's great! Keep looking through all those coins! Keep learning and have fun!

I just found a nice MS 1920 in a roll today, you'll never know what you'll find

Long Beard

Level 5

Whether one or a handful, I think I speak for every collector that in the beginning there was something about a particular coin which drew us in. It's the chase of the intrigue that drives us forward.


Level 5

I think that is a great start to a lifelong pursuit. When shows start up again, try and find some shows to attend. Many dealers will actually give you some coins if you are a young collector and you approach their table. Just be very polite, ask a good question or two, and enjoy yourself.

Mike B

Level 7

You never know what you will find. Good luck with them. Hope you hit a home run!! Sharp eyes!!


Level 5

It is is great that your mind wants to know more. Nice way to start.


Level 5

Nice work. Sounds like you are collecting the right way! Keep that up. Cheers, NM


Level 6

Knowledge is king. Good job.


Level 5

Good start, imagine what a collection you'll have in five, ten, or even 30 years! Keep on keeping on!


Level 4

Many of us can say the same. What did this experience lead you to collect?

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I think you may have had the earliest start of all of us! Congratulations! So much time you will have to acquire a vast amount of knowledge! Keep at it


Level 5

I wish I had the chance to start early! I guess I was a late numismatic bloomer haha!


Level 5

That will get you interested for sure ! Always fantastic to look at a bunch of coins you have never seen before to see what is there. Always the chance you will find the rare coin ! Let us know what coins you found and where they are from?

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