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20 Apr 2018

25 year ribbons

| user_8886

Any else getting a 25 year ribbon this year (or gotten one in the past). How do they announce this? 

well my ribbons came in the mail yesterday along with a free pass to the national show. unfortunately i won't be able to attend in person



Level 3

OK so I got my pin and a silver coin very nice. This must be a new service for long time membership. I can't wait for the 50th goddies.


Level 5

Never heard a ribbon for 25 years. In the past the ANA would send a member a 25 year medal.


Level 6

I've not heard of any special ribbons for length of membership.


Level 3

I received a letter in the mail inviting me to the Philadelphia show where I get a ribbon and a medal for 25 years. It may be new this year then.


Level 6

A ribbon when you attend a show? Or a premium for being a member? I received a small medal for 25 yr membership.

Mike B

Level 6

Well I haven't been here twenty five years but I never have received anything but a letter. I know you get a letter for fifty years my friend received one. There not known for given things out. Since I have been here I never heard of an announcement . Maybe a notice in the magazine. But I wouldn't expect any thing. May be a token of some sort I have never heard of anyone receiving anything my friend has fifty years received a letter. I know if you accomplish something in school there are awards . Maybe someone will know more. Or call them.


Level 6

Sorry. What is this? Thanks

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