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17 Feb 2022

1979-P Susan B. Anthony Wide Rim

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The 1979-P Susan B. Anthony Wide Rim variety is one that should be on every modern collector or roll searcher's "To Own" list. Not only is it an obvious, distict modern day mid year die change, it is also a slight rarity, with an estimated population total of around 20,000. It has been found by a couple of this website's roll searchers (me being one of them), and is easy to spot of you know what you are looking for.

The1979-P Susan B. Anthony Wide Rim variety is easily spotted in pocket change or rolls, if you know what you are looking for. The place to attibute the variety is below the date. My strategy is this: If you take the one in the date and put it at a horizontal angle of 90 degrees, can you fit it between the origional one in the date, and the rim? If you can't, you have found the rare1979-P Susan B. Anthony Wide Rim! The PCGS Price Guide puts the value at around $65 in MS-65. Quite the price jump for something with a face value of $1. Even though this coin has a rarity of R-2.6, it can still be found in pocket change, and, like I said before, has been found by multiple people on this site through roll searching. Get hunting!



Level 4

I remember getting Susan B’s as kid. Same as JFK halves, both usually as change from the local barber. I really didn’t think much of either coin as a kid, but now I find both coins as some of my favorites, under valued and under appreciated. To think I could have missed out on a Wide rim variety. Since I’ve started collecting, I haven’t found one yet, but I’ll keep looking, or just buy one.


Level 5

My grandpa has one. Neat variety.


Level 6

These are a very cool error coin! Time to start searching! ; )

Long Beard

Level 5

What a coincidence. I'm a few coins short of another Eisenhower album and just yesterday looked at the Susan B Antony dollar. I am thinking of an album in high grade mint state, but seeing the prices graded I might go that route. These are highly undervalued, and appreciated, in my opinion.

AC coin$

Level 6

Good catch ...keen eyes .


Level 5

I need to check again. I have a few 1979. Would like 1 of each.


Level 5

I have it on my “To Own” list! Thanks for the information about it! Maybe I will find one some day but it is pretty rare and scarce. Are you going to put a picture of yours with this blog?

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