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13 Sep 2021

2021 YN Auction: A Look Back

Young Numismatists Exchange | thatcoinguy

Hello fellow YNs and YNH!

I thought I would post my thoughts about the YN auction that happened on Saturday as a way of keeping a record of what happened.
1. The Gold Coin: The gold coin this year was a US Eagle (in the past it has been a foreign coin), so I expected it to go for a large sum of money (2020's went for a little over 4K). Come on YNs. Only 1.4K?! And you can't say it was from a lack of money, because the bids were higher than years before. But, man, I hope that the bidders will be that bored next year, because I want to be the high bidder (I have only been on this sight for a little while, otherwise I would have had enough to bid and win this coin).

2. The Paper Money Incident: One of the YNs that was graduating from the program, decided he wanted his last big to be on a piece of paper money. He bid everything he had left (besides a type set of YN dollars) which was more than the gold coin went for. Of course, this was his money, so I won't judge him, but I feel this is interesting enough to be here in the highlights.

3. Ancient Coin, Present Popularity: Since when are ancient coins so popular?! There were three in the auction this year, and all went for more than the gold coin. I'm no ancient coin expert, so maybe they were super valuable, but still. Clue me in here.

Just some thoughts from the auction. I had a wonderful time (even though I didn't win anything) and hope to see you all next year.

Keep collecting,


P.S. Thanks you so, so much, all of you amazing collectors who donated coins for us YNs to bid on. We arevery moved by your kindness, and your compassion. -From the 2021 YN community.



Level 7

I'm glad everyone has a good time. Some coins were really nice. P!ease don't forget those who donated the coins from there collection . They do this so yns get a shot at some coins they can't afford. We enjoy donating as much as you enjoy winning. . Some are picking coins for next year!! So stay under 18!!


Level 5

Eye-eye Mike! Already saving for next year!


Level 6

It was fun to watch. Glad you had fun. Always next time.


Level 5

If I knew if the gold was to go for the same next year, you can count on me winning it. Sorry to hear you didn't win anything, but there are some great coins in the monthly auctions, so best of luck!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Simple explanation, we collect what we like. Next time you will have more yn's to buy what your heart yearns for. And I hope you get it too!

AC coin$

Level 6

Due to the pandemic crisis auctions are rare or none at all in Puerto Rico. I most certainly would like to attend one stateside and much more have the joy and honor of meeting each one of you.... As well, it would be great if you meet me too. That way you would get to experience my true love for the Nation and numismatics, and proud of it. Thanks for sharing your essay,


Level 6

Thanks for a review of the YN auction! I watched it for a little while. Looked like fun was being had by all!


Level 5

Thanks for the highlights of the auction. I don't know much about it or how to follow it. Sounds like a good time if you have the YN money.

It's Mokie

Level 6

It was enjoyable watching for a few minutes. I did see the graduating YN make his final mega-bet, I think it was very cool and I also liked that he was keeping a type set of YN auction money for posterity. A true Numismatist for sure.


Level 5


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