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24 Jul 2021

ANA Blog Posts: A How-To

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Fellow YNs and YNH,

It has recently come to my attention that some of the "blogs" in the ANA aren't real blogs. They are lacking in many areas, and I hope this blog can change that. Please use the guide ESPECIALLY if there are comments on your comment section like, "This is a blog?" and, "Come on YNs! This should go in the forms!"Not naming names, but this is mostly a YN caused problem. I'm pretty sure the YNH have it down pat.

First, pick a specific topic THAT YOU CAN RESEARCH! When reading a blog, the writer should teach you something! I see a lot of blogs with one sentence like, "What coin is this?" There is literally an entire section of the forums DEDICATED to that. Post it there! Next, Research your topic using a REPUTABLE SORCE! NOT WIKI OR THE FIRST RESULT THAT POPS UP WHEN YOU GOOGLE IT! Check out a library book, talk to one/multiple knowledgeable people, or find a FACTUAL, UP TO DATE WEBSITE! It helps to fact check information from multiple sources. Then, once you have collected your information, put it in a purposeful order. Don't just copy and paste one sentence from each source. And a one sentence blog is not a blog. Neither is a two sentence blog. A blog in my opinion is a paragraph (3-6 sentences) MINIMUM! I can't learn anything in one sentence.

Lastly, revise and edit. There should be a period after every sentence, there should not be a blog that has the word penny in it unless it is on foreign coins, and there should not be a sentence like this: "U guys no what a morgan dollar is". Just because this is is not school doesn't mean you can write like you are texting someone. Lastly, READ OTHER USERS BLOGS! If you struggle, all of the people that I follow write amazing blogs exactly how they should be written. Read them. And there are a ton of other users I haven't followed yet that make good blogs too! Those are just some good examples.

Hopefully this help clear the blog steam of bad posts. If you see a YN who needs help, direct them to this blog. I think this will help.

Keep collecting,



I. R. Bama

Level 5

I'm glad that you addressed this and I think you did a good job. I've written about formats to write blogs with in the past using a research framework I developed called AHEM ART History Economics/ politics Metallurgy If one addresses several or all of these areas, one will come up with a pretty sound blog, I think


Level 6

Good advice. I agree with Long Beard


Level 5

Your guide is great and should be sent out to every new member. Of course the ANA guidelines are for everyone also. Unfortunately most that post meaningless blogs, just don't care and know exactly what they are doing. The occasional nothing blog is just part of the ANA site. Thankfully, blogs with no meaningful content are not the majority of blogs. I think most that join the ANA and participate in the blogs have no desire to waste every ones time. The members that do waste blog space, get bored with it quickly.


Level 6

This is a wonderful guide! Now if people would think about it and try to follow some guide lines. I wish the YN's would leave comments on our YNH's blogs as we all do for theirs. It's common courtesy. ; )

Long Beard

Level 5

The length of a blog does not define the quality. What defines the blog is the writer's passion and joy. This above all else should be encouraged. I read, and reply to, each and every one.


Level 7

You know the problem is your right. And they won't do what you suggest. I write blogs to share my knowledge with them. They don't comment. But I read it. Sure ok. The older collectors here write wonderful blogs. I still learn after 27 years . When you come down to it it's there loss not mine. My blog is there for all to read. I wrote two on Conder Tokens. I think one said he never here of them. The others lose out. My knowledge is there for them. Thanks for writing a very good blog.


Level 6

If only this guide were followed. It would also be nice if more YN's read and commented on none YN blogs. They could learn from them. Thanks for trying.

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