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04 Jul 2021

Didn’t plan this…

Coins | thatcoinguy

Hello fellow YNs/YNHs (Young Numismatists at Heart)!

So, I didn't plan on another blog until at least tomorrow, but what I have come across is fantastic! So, as you know from reading my first blog, I check the coin star machine reject tray for coins. I recently read on a forum about a guy who found a TON of silver quarter underneath the coin star machine, so I decided I would give it a try. With a free Sunday, and a meterstick, I set out to find my fortune. As you can probably tell from the photo, it wasn't really a fortune. It was about $10, which I will use to buy my first quarter roll to search from the bank after it reopens on Tuesday. I also found five foreign coins as well (not pictured), but they are probably only worth about a dollar. If you end up trying to doing this, keep your meterstick at a 45 degree angle so it will catch the coins. If you don't know where your nearest coin star machine is, Krogers and Walmarts both have them.

Hopefully you found this informative and entertaining (though it is probably more of the latter), and let me know if you find anything worth noting! Also, from now on, I am going to post my coin star finds here if they are found after the weekly update.

Coin Star Finds Thus Far:

Cents: 56

Nickels: 7

Dimes: 17

Quarters: 19

Halves: 0

Dollars: 0



Level 5

Great idea! I have checked coinstars a TON of times, and never found anything, like @skybluenote.


Level 6

Clever, Very Clever but probably too embarrassing for me. Although I am probably passing on a small fortune.


Level 6

That's so cool! And you have told us a new way of searching... With Sticks! Too funny! ; )


Level 7

I will look for coins but I refuse to get on all fours! That's bringing coin hunting to a new level. Besides at my age I wouldn't get up!!


Level 4

That’s probably for the better. You don’t want to end up paying medical bills with W quarters!


Level 6

This cracks me up. Can you imagine a bunch of people marching through the stores with sticks? Thanks!


Level 4

LOL! You can just see them, marching through Walmart like an army…

Long Beard

Level 5

One thing to keep in mind, silver coins are worth their metal content at a minimum. Great that you found some treasure!


Level 5

WOW...every time I check the Coin Star machine, it doesn't have anything in the reject tray!! Great finds and thanks for posting.


Level 5

That is amazing that you foubd that many coins. I found a bunch of quarters years ago under the vacuum cleaner machine at a car wash. Great idea.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

That's some fun stuff!

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