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26 Nov 2021

Just A Roll Searching Recap

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Over the past month or so, I have seen an extreme rise in interest concerning roll searching. First of all, that is AWESOME! Roll searching is a great pastime, and I wish you all the best of luck. I'm sure each and every one of you are going to find a (or some) great coin(s).

Just thought I'd give a little roll searching update as the year comes to a close (there will probably be another one of these on December 31), just to have everything I have found in one blog, instead of having you read all of the roll searching blogs for the year if you are new, or have missed a blog or two. Here's some stats:

Proofs Found Roll Searching: 4 (A 1987-S half dollar, a 2012-S Alaska ATB quarter, a 1981-S nickel, and finally, a 1973-S nickel).

Silver Coins Found Roll Searching: 11 (A 1967 40% half dollar, four silver quarters {including a MS 1932!}, two silver dimes, and four 35% nickels).

W Quarters Found Roll Searching 1 (A 2019-W RNR).

Buffalo Nickels Found Roll Searching: 3 (Two dateless, and one 1934).

Boxes Searched: 5 (Two half dollar boxes, and three nickel boxes). Note: This does not count loose rolls, only full boxes I have picked up from the bank.

Most Expensive Coin Found Roll Searching: 1932 Washington Quarter (In {I think} MS-65, which would put it around $60)

We've done some pretty good roll searching this year! I'm not stopping yet, but I don't think I'll get much else this year, as the New Year is approaching fast. I still have some roll searching goals to complete, here's the full list of goals:

1. Find An Indian Head Cent

2. Find A Key Date To Any Series

3. Find A Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar

4. Find A Standing Liberty Quarter

5. Find Any Seated Or Barber Design

6. Find Two Ounces Of Silver In One Year (So far this year I have about 1.1 ounces)

7. Find A Dollar Coin Error (Missing Edge Lettering, Cheerio, Wounded Eagle, etc.)

8.Find Any Dollar Design Before The Eisenhower Dollar (Peace, Morgan, Trade, etc.)

9. Search A Box Of Every Denomination Up To The Dollar

10. Find A Coin Worth Upwards Of $100

So those are some goals I'll be working towards this year, and the next. My goal (ha) for next year is to have completed at least two of these goals. Keep your eyes peeled for when my updates come out, because if they do, I've probably found something pretty cool!

Keep collecting,




Level 5

Nice! Good roll searching!


Level 6

Nice blog and some great finds! Keep on searching! ; )


Level 5

Not found any silver coins, but some nice BU coins.


Level 6

That is some amazing finds. I can't even order half dollar boxes. Good luck.

AC coin$

Level 6

Good hunt , nice information .


Level 5

Keep up the searching. Want to see some nice finds and interesting coins.


Level 7

Great scorcard!


Level 5

Great blog! Those sound like some great goals. I can tell you for sure that 1, 3, and 6 are all definitely doable.

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