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02 Jan 2022

PCGS, NGC, and ANACS Are In The Boxing Ring!

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Hello fellow YNs and YNH!

So, for the, uh, title. Today, I will be comparing PCGS, ANACS, and NGC slabs. This will hopefully inform you so that you can pick the grading company that is right for you. This is by no means an endorsement for any of these three companies, so don't take it as "You should only buy {insert grading company here}'s slabs!" This is purely meant to be informational. Let's begin.

PCGS: PCGS slabs are by far the largest of all three of the certification companies I'm comparing. It is slimmer than the NGC holder. You can (kind of) see the rim, which you can't on the other slabs, as the rim is covered by colorized plastic. I find that at PCGS there is a strong emphasis on luster, but that might just be my experience. PCGS slabs lack a good hologram, and are the most counterfeited slab of the three, as the slab's construction is not complex. PCGS does not charge as much for grading as NGC, but it's fees are higher.

NGC: Disclaimer: NGC is my personal favorite slab company. Just to make sure you know. NGC slabs the middle in terms of surface area; smaller than PCGS, but larger than ANACS. NGC is the official grading service of the ANA, and has different branches for paper money and restoration, as well as their main branch for coin grading. It is the thickest slab of the three, and as I have seen it, NGC is very harsh when it comes to grading surface marks. Their fees are also BY FAR the most expensive. Despite that, NGC has no lack of fancy holograms, making slabs difficult to counterfeit.

ANACS: ANACS is the smallest of the three grading companies I will be talking about, and gets the most flack from collectors. It is the go-to for error collectors, however, because ANACS labels Fivaz-Stanton numbers on the slabs for any and all errors, while NGC and PCGS only label the errors on slabs for some errors, so PCGS and NGC may have some unmarked errors, which can be great for cherrypicking. It's rounded top is so that collectors can read the labels while keeping the slabs in a slab box, but the plastic is dirt cheap and slightly flimsy. ANACS slabs are the smallest of the three different slabs I am comparing. This is the only grading service of the three here that does not offer a registry set.

Keep collecting (and buy the coin, not the slab!),


Long Beard

Level 5

I feel that I'm one of the few remaining who buys a third party graded coin simply for what it is. A guarantee of authenticity. Often, the grade stated could be debated. So I don't have a preference when buying.


Level 6

I prefer NGC and ANACS... Love those "old green" holders! Nice blog! ; )


Level 6

NGC is the company that has the Side View. Not PCGS. You should mention we as ANA members get a free membership in NGC. Thanks. Buy the coin not the slab but I get what you are going for here. Thanks. P.S. I am an ANACS fan.


Level 7

My mentor always good me look at the coin not the label. He was right. The three grading companies had there slabs tested by the scientific community. The Smithsonian Institute had them tested. Because they were going to put this country's 300 most valuable and rarest coins in them. N.G.C. turned out to be the best. That's good enough for me.


Level 5

Yes. I am totally an NGC person.


Level 3

Good Blog! I like slabs from PCGS, because they're slabs are usually more respected ( don't look at me, I don't know why), but I just like the shape of NGC Slabs. I just feel PCGS slabs are more "Bony", and NGC slabs have a more "solid" feel. However, both slabs are good, so in my opinion, they are even. However, I would rather send a coin to PCGS. I am not a big error collector, so I know next to nothing about ANACS. Have a nice day!


Level 6

Nice overview of the slabs. NGC slabs are just a little tall to fit in a PCGS box

I like PCGS slabs, but NGC slabs look better. I don't have a coin slabbed by ANACS.


Level 5

NGC is my favorite for purchases. ANACS is great for easy slabbing. PCGS is fine, but I prefer NGC holders for appearance.


Level 5

I agree.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thanks, it's an interesting discussion, but I am more concerned with who does the most accurate grading than the slab itself. I agree that the slab that gives you the best view of the coin is really great, but what if your company is the second or third best at grading? Just something to gnaw on for the new year. Thanks for an interesting blog!


Level 5

Thanks for the information! I usually go with NGC slabs but all of them are good!


Level 5

Wait, you have some slabbed coins?

AC coin$

Level 6

Wooooow ! Beautiful coins .

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