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06 Aug 2022

Two And Three Cent Pieces: Building A 19th And 20th Century Type Set

Coins-United States | thatcoinguy

We're back with building your type set. I don't really know if anyone is enjoying these, but I haven't gotten any comments saying otherwise, so I'm going to keep writing them. Two cent pieces, and three cent pieces, or "trimes" are next up in the album, and are both obsolete denominations (and designs, I guess...). Let's learn some more!

13 Jul 2022

Large Cents: Building A 19th And 20th Century Type Set

Collecting Tips | thatcoinguy

Alright, we're back again with building your type set. For those who haven't read part one (if you didn't click on the #buildingatypeset to read from the beginning of the series), I have set a budget of $200 for the 20th century coins, and $300 for the 19th century coins. Here's part two, on large cents!

06 Jul 2022

Half Cents: Building A 19th And 20th Century Type Set

| thatcoinguy

At one point or another during a numismatist’s life, they will want to build a type set. This is one of the most popular forms of collecting, and when done right, can be a pleasing and enjoyable collection for anyone in the hobby. This is the first part of a series I will be doing, which will involve me giving advice on building your 19th and 20th type set (NO gold), in order by denomination, and date. To make this a little more specific, there will be a maximum of $200 spent on each 20th century coin, and $300 on the 19th century coins. All prices are quoted from the PCGS Price Guide. Let’s get right into it!

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