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05 Sep 2021

Update #10: Silver!!!

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Hello fellow YNs and YNH!

There is so much to report on since I did my last update, so let's hop right in (this is a long one, so stick with me)!
First of all, my amazing, awesome cousin who is working in Mozambique right now, sent me a TON of foreign currency from all the places she has traveled: Egypt, Afghanistan... the list goes on and on! Also, I received a 1922-D Peace Dollar for the Dollar Project (that I did when I was 12), and it has some nice toning! That reminds me! Don't forget to mark your calendars, as the 2021 YN Auction is coming up on September 11, at 12:00 EST! Good luck to everyone competing, and I hope to see some familiar usernames on Saturday!

Roll searching didn't produce much until last Saturday (Some Westward Journey Nickels, America The Beautiful Quarters I didn't have yet, etc.). But on Saturday, my dad came home with the largest quantity of rolls I have ever searched at once: 1 customer wrapped half dollar box, 4 customer wrapped dime rolls, 3 quarter rolls, 2 nickel rolls, and 4 cent rolls. In the cent rolls, I found two Wheaties (1950-D and 1945). Nothing special in the nickels or quarters, but in the dimes, I found a 1958-D silver dime!!! In the half dollar box, the finds are as follows: a proof 1987-S Kennedy, and a extremely polished/plated in who-knows-what bicentennial from the Denver Mint.

On Saturday evening, I went to a melting of the MCCA, where I creamed the competition judged by Bill Fivaz on filling a 2014-2021 cent folder in the best condition, and won a 1959-1966 set of Memorial cents that all grade MS-65 (and some I think are better!). Also, all the contestants won a tube of 25 wheat cents (with 2 steel cents) for competing. A very nice collector gave me his door prize, which turned out to be some wheat cents (1948-1950 in Denver) and a pin from the WFM. After which, I won the August edition of Greysheet (I lost my July one at a coin show) in the auction for $5. The next YN challenge is to find all the denominations from 1 cent to 25 cents in your birth year.

Keep collecting,



Nice coins!


Level 5

Awesome finds! That peace is pretty nice.


Level 5

I love the lincoln cent 1959 to 1966 set. Looks nice. Ive been searching foreign coins lately in the bin at local coin business. 5 for a dollar. Pulled out ones I just liked. Nice additions and thanks for the updates. Good luck to all at auction.


Level 6

Nice additions

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wow, An awesome hoard of goodies. I especially like your Cousin's gift of foreign coins, that would be fun to go through and attribute.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I love foreign coins!


Level 6

Great blog! I always like to hear about your coinage adventures! I think you have an awesome cousin and dad! Great photos! ; )


Level 6

Your dad rocks! You did some awesome work. Well deserved win. Thanks. Nice photos. Get your friends to include photos.


Level 5

Ha! I’ll work on it…


Level 7

Wow sounds like you I'll be busy for a while. Those are nice coins . Take care of them enjoy them. That was nice of your dad!! Thanks for sharing your new pick ups.!!


Level 5

Thanks for commenting! And, yeah, my dad is awesome.

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