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18 Jul 2021

Update #3: New Additions

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Hello fellow YNs and YNH!
First of all, over the course of the past week, I searched two cent rolls, one nickel roll, one dime roll, and one quarter roll. In the cent rolls, I found one 1952-D wheat cent, one Early Years Bicentennial cent, a 2004 Buffalo nickel from the Westward Journey series, and a 1986-P doubled rim. In terms of Coinstar finds, I went to two machines this week. One had a 1984 Canadian dime, the other didn't have anything, but as I left, I saw a 2021 cent on the ground. I picked it up, and added it to the Coinstar jar.

In other news, I visited the Federal Reserve on Thursday. It was pretty awesome, and very informative. I also went to coin club with my family, and came home with the following items: Lincoln Cent Folders one and two (unfilled), another state quarters folder (my third, gifted it to my brother), and a commemorative medal from the bicentennial of the start of the American Revolution (1975). All of those from the FREE raffle. Yeah. I got lucky again. 🍀. I also bid on a wholesale issue of the Greysheet (my current one is retail), and one it for the great price of $11 (issue price $35).

It has also come to my attention from a very nice gentleman at my coin club, that I had some recent misinformation in the Information regarding Greysheet and Greysheet prices in my recent blogs. My "Greysheet VS Red Book" blog was actually Greysheet: Market Review, not the real Greysheet. And the pricing on the Franklin half is $32.40 retail, and $24 wholesale. I apologize for the misinformation, and now know the difference, so there shouldn't be another Greysheet blunder.

Hope to sort a lot more rolls next week, and will keep blogging on things in the meantime.

Keep collecting!



Level 5

You must have a very good coin club. We do 50/50. Should have more raffles or incentives to attend.


Level 6

Always nice add items like this to your collection


Level 6

Good finds! I check my grocery stores CoinStar... ; )


Level 5

Nice blog!


Level 6

Well done. Good haul. I also check Coin Star today. Zip. I did get a dime at the water machine. If it takes change I check it. I like the look under the machine hint the other day. I've been looking at old WWII era covers lately as well. I may be getting hocked on special ones. Never give up. Thanks.🐍


Level 7

Keep searching don't give up!


Level 4

Oh, I won’t. I’ve already started searching, and found something really awesome I can’t wait to share about on this week’s update coming out next Sunday.


Level 6

(: I checked CoinStar at Kuhn's today, nada!!! Thanks for keeping us posted on your adventures.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Another nice haul! I do the coin star thing too

Long Beard

Level 5

Once again, you did well. Some nice roll finds and a few pickups.

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