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08 Aug 2021

Update #7: Coin Club Challenge!

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Hello fellow YNs and YNH!

First of all, roll searching was pretty cool this week. I got my first ever proof in a roll (a 2012 Alaska), which means I have found all four currently operating mints in quarter rolls! Also, I (think) I found 4 half dollar errors in the box so far: A cud error on the bicentennial (actually a rim nick), a shadow 6 on a 1971-D, a fading "ST" in trust on the 1991, and a DDO on a 1989 (not pictured). That's pretty much it for this week, but I plan on doing a TON of cent rolls in the coming weeks.

On Saturday, I went to that lake again to metal detect(this time with my own instead of borrowing that other guy's). In less that a minute (with the help of my brand new pinpointed) I dug up a 1961-D Lincoln Cent. Soon after, in the same area, I found some sort of bullet (I'm no expert, so let me know in the comments when it's from). The rest of the things I dug up were just trash.

After that, I attended my coin club (I am now officially a member). They started up the YN program, in which there was a lesson on the anatomy of a coin. All the YNs that attended got a shiny uncirculated cent, along with a cent planchet. I also walked away with a coupon for $5 at the auction because it was my birthday on Tuesday (I'm saving it). At the end, they passed out Lincoln cents folders starting in 2014 and gave us a challenge: whoever fills the folder with the most AND quality coins by the first meeting in September gets a prize. I have already filled it, now I'm just looking for quality (hence the cent roll searching coming up). I also got my first Morgan Dollar, an 1885-CC graded by the one and only Bill Fivaz, who gave an estimate of MS-62. That being said, that makes the Greysheet price $620, and the Morgan is now my most expensive coin.

Thanks for reading the blog, and stay tuned for the next one.

Keep collecting,




Level 6

What nice finds and great looking CC Dollar! You have such a cool coin club! I wish I had one local around me. ; )


Level 5

Wow nice Proof Alaska and CC Morgan!


Level 6

What a great week for you


Level 5

Nice CC dollar ! Your coin club seems like a very good club. My club needs a lot more YN's. We are hoping for a good turn out of youth at our coin show coming up. Should have about 20 scouts attending to get a numismatic badge. Keep us pisted on your finds. Like hearing about your coin finds.


Level 5

Nice blog! Congrats on the finds! Wish I had a coin club near me....


Level 5

I thought that was what it was… thanks fir confirming it.


Level 5

I am sorry to say though that the bicentennial half has a rim nick, not a cud.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wow, you have found yourself an outstanding local club. Good luck on upgrading those Cents.


Level 6

Bill Fivaz is the best. He was my mentor in the ANA correspondence courses. Nice finds. What is your coin club. I may be able to help I.D. your bullet but I don't see it in your photos. Good luck.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Congratulations on the Morgan, a beautiful coin!

Long Beard

Level 5

Mr. Fivaz would know. Absolutely worth sending it off to have it graded (returned in the original case with tamper proof tape) for confirmation.

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