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10 Jan 2021

2020 Commemoratives at the Mint

| user_90007

2020 has been a relatively good year for Commemoratives. Although the World War II coins caused quite a bit of commotion. There were only 1945 or 1946 gold coins minted and before they were even delivered, ebay was selling them for 3 to 4 times what the Mint sold them for. It was another of their fiaxcos by only minting a few of those coins. Although the silver coin had a bit more, they, too are selling them for a lot of money. I really wasn't that interested in it. The silver coin was base on the ASE with a little indention of 75 pressed on it as well as the gold coin did.I was interested in the Mayflower series. I was extremely lucky to get 3 out of the 4 sets offered. I got the gold set, the silver set and the Reverse Silver Coin. I like to look at ebay to see what they are offering them for and I was flabbergasted to see the gold set offered at twice what I paid for them. My silvers were also high up there. I was tempted, but with all of the information goin on about ebay, it wasn't worth it and I don't need the money that bad.Anyway, with all the craziness about the Covid virus, I've decided to tone down my coin purchases. I would like the last ASE in 2021 as well as one of the ASE's with the new reverse. Gold has gotten so high, it's not worth a fight with my bride to buy any.Another topic that I have been wondering about is the safety of the Safety Deposit Boxes. I've read horror stories about people going to their SDB and find some of the things missing. I like to go to mine about every other month, just to look at by deposits. So far, there have been nothing missing. I had to get 2 boxes because all of the large ones had been rented out. I have to pay $40 bucks each for a year.With all the craziness going on in our government, I'm not sure what is going to happen with our Social Security and Medicare either. People weren't to happy with Trump, so he got voted out. I'm not sure that Biden will be any better. I just hope he doesn't die in office.Oh well. Another year and another worry.



Level 5

I have heard much about the 2020 commemoratives, but all are out of my price range. But it is still good to know what else is going on out there in the numismatic world. Thanks for the great blog!


Level 6

I am optimistic about this year. I have to be. Good luck.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I am going to be optimistic about 2021, I think it will end up being a very fine year. As for coin purchases, the next possible show I will attend is the South Hills Coin Club show in February but I kind of doubt it will go forward, I am thinking the next major show in my part of Pennsylvania will be the PAN show in May. Keeping fingers crossed for an excellent year.


Level 7

Good blog I had a hard time reading it without a break here and there. Keep up the good work enjoy the coins


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I bought the Mayflower medal, and a Civil Air patrol medal. Don't expect to buy anything next year. Maybe both Eagles. Also the 2021 Morgan and Peace hopefully. If something is limited edition, I may get in there with the rest of them. As for the politics we are promised utopia for everyone, so lets see what happens.

I just hope the mint doesn't overcharge for everything!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I tried to read your blog but because you didn't break out each paragraph, it looks like just one long run on sentence. I would have said this privately but since you didn't follow me back I wasn't able to do that. Sorry. Wish I could understand it better, looks like you had something worthy of discussion here.


Level 3

I am very sorry for my prose. I'm not really good at writing because sometimes, my hands go faster than my brain. I'm going to kill my cat. He just jumped up on my desk and is purring, He thinks I'm going to give him some more treats, but my wife told me not to because our cat is overweight. Anyway, back to you folks... I love it when you write to my blog. I learn a great deal from you all. Living in the country, 25 minutes from town. I need entertainment, so I watch movies and look at my computer. I just bought the new 1/10th ounce American Gold Proof Coin. All the others were sold, but normally, I do collect the 1/10th ounce gold coin. With the price of gold going through the roof, it would be hard to even get the Quarter Ounce Gold Proof Coin Type 2. I did, however, get 5 of the new American Silver Eagle Proof Coin, Type 2. I had signed up to get 3, but I bought one over ebay and another one from an old account I have with the Mint. I don't know how to access it and I had several coins in the old enrollment, so I'm getting coins from both accounts. I notified the Mint and they told me they would close it. That was 6 months ago. I've been working on getting silver coins set in the Mercury Dimes, the FDR Dimes (which is complete), and the Washington quarter coins. Next will be the Walking Liberty Half Dollars. Thanks again for all your feedback. Keep em coming.


Level 5

Yeah, times be a changing, remember, the expression "May you live in interesting times" is supposed to originally have been a Chinese curse, simply because uninteresting times are peaceful. Like you, many carry on, although nervous over things beyond our control. My Dad used to say, I don't worry about that, it is BMC, meaning Beyond my Control. I am not good at following that. Nice blog, stay safe.

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