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30 Nov 2019

Cut off after being a member since 2008...11 years

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I have had several hobbies over the past 20 years. One of my favorites has been my theater which I now have a library of over 300 movies. I have had a favorable relationship with a website of AVSFORUM.com from which I was able to get answers to many of the technical questions I had and have. About a week ago, I was cut completely off from their forum without any recourse that I could find. I am sure there are other forums that could assist me in the growing popularity of theaters, but to be cut off without recourse is ridiculous. Another hobby I had was building plastic model airplanes. As with my movies, I built a large inventory of models, but due to time constraints, I am unable to continue with that hobby and I am forced to sell my 300+ models.That leaves me to my current and only hobby... coin collection. I like to buy select annual coins from the U.S. Mint and in the past have been able to secure the purchase of their Proof coins. Recently, the Mint release a Two Coin collection of a 2019 W American Eagle Enhanced Reverse Proof Silver Coin and the Canadian Proof Maple Leave Silver Coin. That set is absolutely beautiful, and I am very happy that I was able to collect the set. However, later this year, a 2019 S American Eagle Enhanced Reverse Proof Silver coin issued a total of 30,000 coins, limiting the purchase of one coin per customer. There are two questions I have about the West Point Mint versus the San Francisco Mint 2019 American Eagle Enhanced Reverse Proof Silver Coins. Except for the minting of the two coins being from different mint facilities, are there any differences between the coins. Secondly, if the 2019S coins were limited to one coin per customer, how did GovMint and MCM, as well as several other facilities and individuals collect enough of the coins to offer several of the 2019S coins. I know how it was done and I am sure everyone else knows how it is done, including the Mint, yet nothing is being done about it. I know it is the case because it continues to happen with the mint as well as the vendors.



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Mint made rarity. Garbage!!


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What Mike B said is accurate. The shame is that the Mint deliberately created a rarity. The Mint has created some modern rarities, but that was because the collecting public did not notice or want the issue at the time it was released, like the Jackie Robinson $5 gold. But to actually set out to create rarity is not their mandate.

Mike B

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. They have there employees call and if they get one they reward them. The coin Vault has one. Foe.Two payments of 2,300.00 . That's just greed.. Some companies offered up to 300.00 for each one. There not collectors it was 65.95 so they made out. Others that I know of got two.it's a game they play called let's create a false rarity. This is done by the mintage.

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