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27 Mar 2021

I was surprised with a gift from a fellow collector.

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I don't know how many collectors log on to Coin Talk. Several weeks ago, I logged in to just look around. I stick with mostly U.S. Coins, but I had been collecting coins from Canada as well. There was an entry from a Canadian, about Canadian coins. I had collected some of them over the years. I found that they produce very nice coins. One of my purchases was a commemorative coin about Apollo 11. I had collected all I could from the Mint everything that was offered about Apollo 11. Anyway, there were more recent entries about Canadian coins. I live in rural North Carolina and I don't see many Canadian coins, which I had mention in Coin Talk. Went I signed on a few days later, there was an entry about Canadian Coins from a Canadian citizen. I thanked them for the information and pictures that had been posted and I responded that I would like to find a source for Canadian coins. A few days later, one of the entries in Coin Talk told me that he had several Canadian coins he would like me to have. I thanked him for his offer with my thought that I would never hear from him again. As Gomer Pyle says, "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise."
About 2 weeks later, I got a package from Him with over 50 coins in it. I found it difficult to catch my breath as I had been surprised more than ever before. Many of the coins had been in circulation, but well over half were still in the sealed plastic from their Mint. I am grateful for his present. However, now I have to find a source that will help me identify the coins and prepare them to be in my collection, let alone the books I need to read. His gift also encouraged me to be a better coin collector so that I can identify coins and find the best way to store my collection.My thanks go out to Andrew as well as my admiration of Canada and Canadians.



Level 5

Little late... but happy birthday! Sounds like a lovely gift! (:

Kevin Leab

Level 4

Nice!! I've been a member of CoinTalk since 2006. Alot of good people there and most everyone is helpful. I haven't logged in there for a while but I used to be very active.


Level 5

Wow, congrats! That is a great gift, enjoy!


Level 5

There are a lot of great people on cointalk. Much like here.


Level 6

What a great surprise! Fun blog! Thanks for sharing. ; )

Long Beard

Level 5

I am also a member of that forum. Like the ANA, great people there. As for the Canadian coinage, I find the Large Cents from 1859 to 1920 simply stunning in their design. I seek out those with a maroon red having the details accented with bronze. To see one you'd understand.


Level 5

Happy Birthday. What a great gift to receive.


Level 6

This is a nice blog. Coin people are great. I have personally been on both ends of the coinage gifting. It's awesome either way. Try Numista,en for info. Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

What a wonderful gift, that is what true coin collectors do, we help each other and we encourage each other to expand our numismatic horizons. He has given you a gift that will last a lifetime.


Level 7

Happy Birthday to you.!! Fifty coins is a nice haul. What are they made of ? They can't be all differenf? Are they. We need more info on the coins. Some pictures would be great?? Take care!!


Level 4

That is a very cool commemorative

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