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30 Dec 2019

My favorite topic... "The Mint has sold out again in under and hour"

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The Mint had a great idea. The minted an ASE-S Enhanced Reverse Proof coin. The bad part of their idea is that they only made 30,000 and they were all sold out in under and hour. Our "friends" that are coin dealers have a system whereby they buy "special" limited quantity coins for a bonus of about $150-$250, depending on the demand. Evidently, the demand for the coins is high because some of them are selling on ebay and other television dealers from $500 to $3,000. They did something like that quite a while ago when the included an ASE-2 in the Congratulation Set. It was the one and only time that I bought one from "Rick" for about $100. As far as an Enhanced Reverse Proof Coin, one of them were included in the USA/Canada set, only it was minted at West Point.As far as the ASE-S ERP coin, it ain't worth it boys and girls. Down the road apiece, you'll get one for about $200.

April 24, 2021

Well, they did it again. The "new" ASE-W Type 1, sold out very quickly. More people were able to get some, but not as many as wanted them. I was one of the fortunate ones that got one. How was I able to get it? I had the ASE W Type 1 in my enrollment system. Shortly, after I got it, I contacted the Mint to find out if my enrollment would secure a Type 2 ASE. The answer, was a resounding "NO". The Mint is doing something that I don't remember seeing them do recently. They are lumping many coins during this year. The coins that I know of is the ASE Type 2,, AGE Type 2, the "New" Morgans, and the the Peace coin. If you were to gt everything that is neat to own, first, you would be lucky to get on their website, and secondly, you would have to have the amount of money you would need to purchase all of them. Even with a price tag of $85 each for the silver coins and thousands for the gold coins. Another issue the Mint has, is that if you are lucky enough to get the coins, they won't be delivered for a month or more after they are purchased. SO... Best of luck for those that are still going to try to get at least one of all the coins offered.



Level 3

Boy (or Girl), you guys really hit the Mint for who they are. The Mint is like the Post Office. If they are a little short, they raise the price of stamps. If you try to mail something using another company, it would cost you more that the Post Office and they know it. Anyway, I was semi-lucky. I got 1 Type 1 ASE-W, but somehow I got 3 type 2. I guess I shouldn't complain. I did get a 2021 D and 2021 S Morgan coins (they are probably considered medals. I have a 1921 D and 1921 S to match the Morgans I got. I've been looking for some kind of coin holder to keep the matching pairs in. I really threw a wad away. I bought the 2021 American Liberty Gold Medal. I really like the picture of the "bucking horse" on the obverse. I can't wait to have it in my grubby little hands. Another note about the Mint... I noticed that Mr Ryder has resigned or something. I don't know if that was the end of his "assignment" or he screwed up so much that they let him resign. The new Director comes from the ranks of the Mint. I don't remember her name, but, hopefully, she has seen what is going on and will correct the problems. The major problem I see is the relationship between the Mint and the "Special Buyers" that get a significant discount and pick up the coins early to have them graded. If you didn't get an ASE from the Mint for $73, you will have to pay about $250 from the TV coin vendors.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Just boycott the mint. Atlas will shrug.

I had a bad feeling when the Mint announced they were no longer doing business by mail order, which also meant the mail order list (which was still largely made up of collectors), no longer applied. In a way that made it possible for the on-line business ( and lightning quick "sell outs") which we are seeing now.


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I don't agree with the low mintage. I have decided not to give the mint anymore of my money.


Level 7

Let me say everyone who is offended by these so called rarity send an email to the mint. Go to there site click on contact us and click on there blue email. They don't hear from us they will continue. Everyone send a message to the mint to stop playing games!!!!


Level 6

The mint doesn't care..

It's Mokie

Level 6

Engineered rarity is never going a satisfy a true numismatist. I sincerely hope all the speculators get burned when this brick returns to Earth.


Level 7

Well we all know about the man made rairty. Many blogs and articles have been written. Many have emailed the mint. But they don't care. The new scandal is the man made hoard. I just wrote a blog on that mess. The trouble is it's so obvious and nothing is done. Thanks for keeping it fresh.

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