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10 Oct 2015

Unidentified ancient coin

| user_9083

Hello all, I have been trying for 6 months to identify this little coin I purchased a year ago. I have been collecting ancient coins for a little while now and I have found a coin that has stumped everyone. I have posted it on the ancient coin forum and took it the ANA show here in Portland OR last year but I have not been able to get an answer so I figured I post it here to see if anyone has a similar coin and can help me figure it out or point me to the right book to research.

All that I have been able to figure out is that it may be from about 1100 AD from the time when the Normans occupied Sicily. I have researched all I could but I have not been able to find any information. I have attached pictures. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,



Level 5

Hi User_9083, our Museum Curator, Doug Mudd, believes your coin to be Islamic, however the coin is overstrike and thus very hard to identify. The ornate lettering that is clear on it suggests something with eastern Persian/Afghan origins. Certainly medieval 10th -12th centuries. Hope this helps!


Level 2

Thank you very much for your help with this. Hopefully I can start researching this coin the the Persian/Afghan records to see what I can come up with. I will post what I find.


Level 5

Hi User_9083, We're seeing what our educators may know about this coin. We'll get back to you when we know. :)

Greco Roman

Level 3

Take a look at Indian coinage., silver karshapana.


Level 5

Sorry. I am not familiar with it either.


Level 6

I'm not sure either, but it is very cool!


Level 5

I don't know, sorry. Awesome coin!


Level 6

Sorry, I have no idea. It sure is a cool coin though. Thanks for posting it.

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