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18 Jul 2017

NGC grading not consistant

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I recently purchased a Library of Coins coin album Part 3, which was made to house Liberty Head Silver Dollars which now everyone refers to as Morgan Dollars. The album had five common date Morgans in it. The album and coins came from an estate sale and I was told the coins had been in the album for upwards of 40 years. Each coin has what I consider to be beautiful album toning. None of the coins have any distracting contact marks and each one looks to be in fairly high uncirculated  condition. I sent the five coins to NGC for grading. I haven't received the coins back yet but the results have been posted on my account. One coin was graded MS 61 (I've seen graded 63's and 64's that look much worse). The other four coins which have the same pattern of toning have been given Unc. details, artificial toning. How is it that one coin that is toned the same didn't get the same grade as the other four when they all resided in the same album for the same amount of time? I called NGC and asked. Apparently when you send in a group of coins not all of them necessarily go  to the same group of graders. I was told that I could resubmit the coins and pay the fees again. I don't think I will. I doubt the inconsistency will improve. 



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Once again grading coins is totally subjective. Every grader has a different opinion.


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Who knows what condition the coins were in when inserted into the album. Toning is very subjected. That being said, I think you need to do what everyone says and have a face to face with some graders. Maybe start with your local coin dealer. I took the coin toning class at a Summer Seminar at the ANA. It is amazing what "coin doctors" can do to make a beautiful fake...

Pliny The Elder

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The ANA has a page about the grading of this type of coin. Maybe check that out and see if your opinion matches up to what they say it should be: https://www.money.org/morgan-dollar-coin-grading


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I like to talk to the ICG guys at the shows. The actual ICG graders are there to tell you what the see. My experience with the others TPGs it that they have "knowledgeable clerks" for you to talk to at the show. I have always found it educational talking to them. Now about the toning. I have the "judgement" that a coin is artificially toned because they don't know and the can't know in many many case.


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Thanks all for your response.


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Does sound inconsistent. Perhaps that is good advice, take the coins to a show & see what they tell you.


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Some collectors submit their coins multiple times till they get what they want. I don't recommend this . If it was a key date and you still had worries yes. But because coins were in the same album it doesn't mean they we're put there at the same time or the same grade. Even if you bring them to a show they will still charge you. And you might not get them back the same day. You have to ask them. Lots of luck with your decision Mike.

Conan Barbarian

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i suggest that you go in person to a show and ask a grader at one of their tables but thats all i can say. on the PCGS website they have great videos on grading you might want to check those out too

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