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18 Sep 2017

Sent Morgan Dollars to ANACS

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I took all 5 Morgans to a couple of coin shops in my area, both shops being in business for many years. The staff at each shop had no clear answer as to whether NGC was correct or incorrect in their grading. So I removed the four Morgans graded by NGC as Unc.- artificial toning from the slabs and sent them to ANACS. Two came back MS62 with no mention of artificial toning and the other two came back MS63 withno mention of artificial toning. It's still a little confusing about grading. I do most of my purchasing on the internet and I try to cherry pick for nice looking coins. I'll purchase, say, a nice looking toned Morgan that grades MS62 or MS63 if the photo is clear and detailed. I've seen many that are graded MS 65 and wonder how in the world they received better than an MS62 grade. It's said that grading is subjective and I guess it is.



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Grading is so subjective, but oh so necessary for some people and some coins.

I have a nice coin that was graded by ANACS that I was trying to sell. Everyone who seemed to have an interest wanted to see if PCGS would confirm the grade. I just sent it in today to get it "crossed over" to a PCGS holder. I feel fairly confident it will make the cross over grade or I wouldn't have sent it in to PCGS. ANACS is a good service for bulk coins, lower end coins and coins that you want confirmation about the grade, but PCGS and NGC are the king and queen of coin grading services. Thanks for sharing!


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I am not one to tell anyone were to send there coins. But I have read and have my own horror stories about ANACS. There is a reason there the cheapest. Next time and I hope there is no next time I would try PCGS. Just as a suggestion. I can't believe toning wasn't mentioned. Mike.


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Some of that fake toning is obvious, other not so. That's interesting that ANACS didn't mention the toning.


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Fake toning of coins is big business. The best people that do it are called Coin Doctors. The often fool the graders. The ANA has a mini seminar on this subject. I took it. It's unbelievable what they do. They also don't think they are doing anything wrong. They compare it to NGC or PCGS conserving the coin. They see it as the same thing. Both are altering the coins surface...Thanks!


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May I ask did you contact NGC first? I would of. Faking toning is big business especially with Morgan's I do not believe that dealers can tell the difference without the proper equipment. Did they use a microscope? I don't think so. Maybe it is real I can't see them or hold them. I hope they are innate to see anyone get stuck. I would of sent them back and asked for a refund. But there out of the holder. This is the first in have ever heard of. Thanks for the warning. Mike

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