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11 May 2015

US House of Representatives gold medal

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I have been trying to get information about the medal pictured. The dealer I purchased it from stated that it was given by Admiral and Representative Nimitz to a longtime assistant by the name of Ms. Burkit. Neither Mr. David Bowers or David Alexander know anything of this type of medal. Has anyone ever seen one? It is the diameter of a US quarter dollar. The reverse side is inscribed 14K and ART CRAFT.



Level 6

Was this a presentation piece maybe? Try posting a pic to a wider audience.


Level 5

Never seen this before. Good luck diving into the research. Let us know what you find.


Level 7

Never seen it before and if Mr. Bowers doesn't know about it I would definitely look into it. It might say fourteen carat but maybe because of the light the color looks off. You might look into a book on medals. Lots of luck with it. Mike.


Level 5

that is a cool medal although i dont know anything about it


Level 4

Have you tried contacting the office of the historian at the U.S. House of Representatives? Try history@mail.house.gov Somebody there should be able to get an answer for you.


Level 6

If Q. David Bowers doesn't know anything about it, you might have a problem there!


Level 5

Thanks for sharing, have never seen this.

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