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05 Apr 2021

Update on recent finds

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Hello y'all!Today my blog is going to be about a scramble of different things. So, first of all, I am going to talk about some of the downsides of ordering coins from a bank/credit union. I recently had my dad order a large amount of coins from my credit union, a box of half dollars, box of quarters, 2 boxes of nickels and 2 boxes of pennies. Now you may be thinking, hmmm... he is guaranteed to find something great out of all of that! Well, it didn't quite turn out like that. First off, the half dollar box was a box that I had turned in a while ago and expected them to get rid of (my first ever half dollar box). Second, all of the nickel and penny boxes were OBW (original bank wrapped) 2021 coins. Fourthly, I had ordered the quarter box for my brother, so in the end, I had nothing to hunt. And now finally, he didn't end up finding anything (besides some nice ones and 2009s) in the whole quarter box, I was really thinking that there would be a W or two in there. Anyways, as he was hunting through the quarter box, I hunted through the coins a second time to look for varieties and was rewarded with three: a Colorado doubled ear, Wyoming DDR-024, and an Arizona extra cactus. I am going to get rid of the nickels and probably keep both of the penny boxes for now. I hope to get and keep a brand new box of pennies for every year from now on as long as I still can I currently have a 2020 and a 2021 penny box. Now I am going to tell you guys that I finally got my hands on some Tuskegee airmen quarters from my mom and bros change, I now have 8, how are you guys doing at coming across them. Just so you guys know, the the new Crossing the Delaware quarters are supposed to be released into circulation today, so keep an eye out for them. Also I am going to show off my entry for the National Coin Week youth Activity, to enter, you have to be 17 or younger, the activity is to make some sort of food that relates to something numismatic, I made a wheat penny pizza for my entry, are any of you guys entering? Thanks for reading this blog and have a great day!

24 Mar 2021

My 2nd DDO!

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Hello fellow collectors!I have great news, I just found my second DDO! So, I had better start from the beginning, have you ever heard of varietyvista.com? Here is a link if it works:javascript:nicTemp();).Well, I had heard of it before, but never really checked it out, so recently, I checked it out and discovered that there are a couple of really cool DDOs for some of the America The Beautiful quarters. There is a DDO on the American Memorial Park-P and the Salt River Bay-P, the one I found is the Salt River Bay, it has awesome doubling on "IN GOD WE TRUST" it looks more like this: IN GOD WE TRUST, notice the odd shape of the G and the T. I encourage you guys to check out varietyvista and look for this error, even though I don't know how much they is worth, I know they are worth finding! I have looked at like 100, and this is the first one. Anyways, enjoy the pics and have a great day!Photos courtesy of: Me lolif you are wondering, I take most of my pictures with a digital microscope, it is a great tool for looking for and at variety coins.

22 Mar 2021

Update on recent finds

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Hello guys!I just wanted to to update y'all on some of my recent finds. Okay, so first of all, I recently found another 1960-D cent RPM, it is the RPM-023, which is very common and not worth that much, but it is still cool so I will be keeping it until I find/purchase another one, and then I will probably sell or trade it. I also found a silver war nickel, a 1944-P to add to my little "Silver Found in 2021" container, (its not a huge jar like RobFindsTreasure haha) in 8 rolls of nickels from my credit union on Saturday. So far this year I have found 7 silver coins, including the following: a 90% 1952-P Benji Half, 40% silver 1967 half, 90% 1964-D Quarter, 90% 1962-D dime, and three ware nickels including a 1944-P and two 1943-Ps. I found the Benji and 1967 Kennedy in my first half dollar box (see my past blog about it), I found the two 1943-P war nickels in a nickel box that I got the same day as the half dollar box (also see my blog), I found the silver Washington quarter and the silver Roosevelt dime in rolls of coins from my credit union over the last couple months. How are you guys doing at finding silver or Ws recently? I personally can't wait until I finish school for this year get a job because then I can get my own account at the bank I go to and have them order coins for me every week instead of every once in a while. Thanks for reading this blog and have a great day! P.S. the picture is only a representation of the RPM I found, not a picture of the actual coin, courtesy of NGC

15 Mar 2021

Ike dollars

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Hello fellow collectors!Today my blog is going to be about Eisenhower dollars, so sit back and enjoy!In 1970, Congress passed legislation that authorized a new $1 coin to commemorate the death of General Dwight David Eisenhower and man's first landing on the moon (which was on July 20, 1969). This coin was designed by Frank Gasparro. The obverse of the Ike dollar features the bust of Eisenhower (hence the name of the coin) facing left while the reverse features a resemblance of the insignia of the Apollo 11 mission, the only difference between the coins design and the Apollo 11 insignia is that the coins design is missing the name of the mission. A new design was made to celebrate the Bicentennial of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the date was changed to add the year "1776" making the date on the front of the coin "1776-1976" and the reverse was redesigned by Frank Gasparro and Dennis R. Williams to feature the Liberty Bell in front of the moon. These coins were made from 1971-1978. The mint made special Uncirculated and Proof versions containing 40% silver that they sold at a premium to collectors. The diameter of theses coins is 38.1 mm.

11 Mar 2021

My First DDO

Coins-United States | CoinHunter

Hello guys, great news! Yesterday, I found my first DDO! I had a pile of cents to look at that I have beenaccumulatingover my last several boxes of pennies. These coins are coins that looked like they may have had an error/variety, or whereslightlyoff-center, toned, orseverelydamaged. Well, how did I find it? So, I was going through all of the coins, and I I threw a 1982 CU large date cent under my microscope to try to see why I kept it aside, and BOOM what do I see? Doubling,especiallyon In God We, it is a DDO-002, and it is somewhere around XF shape, and I think (and think you will to) that the doubling is absolutely awesome looking. Also, today I got 10 rolls of quarters and guess what I found,absolutelynothing, I am telling you guys just toclarify with you that I don't find cool things in every hunt I do, just sometimes (especially recently).Enjoy the pics, make sure to check out the forum I made recently, and have a great day!


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