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29 Nov 2021

Die Clashes, Silver, Buffalo, And More Found! | Coin Update #38

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Hello all!

This blog is going to be about a bunch of recent coin roll hunting finds.

I recently was able to pick up a box of cents, a box of nickels, and 7 rolls of dollars from my bank. In the dollar coin rolls, the only notable thing I found was actually a really cool find. It was a 1981-P Susan B. Anthony dollar in decent shape (although not the greatest shape). This is a cool find because these coins were only released in mint sets, and (because they were only released in mint sets) it's super low mintage (only 3 million!), plus I needed it for my album! In the nickel box, I found 5 main things (along with some minor DDRs that I haven't gone back through yet). I found a nice 1920 buffalo with a little clashing under the Indian's chin on the obverse, a 2005 Canadian nickel (a first for me), a 1970-S Impaired proof (with a very minor DDR), a 1945-S war nickel (my first war nickel with a mintmark other than the common P mintmark), and lastly, (kinda funny) there was a 2021-P dime loose among the rolls in the nickel box. In the pennies I found several errors, multiple varieties, multiple wheats, and a couple of other finds. I found 10 wheats including a 1920. I found a super nicely toned 2014 cent and a 1980 cent with roller lines. I also found several different die clashed shield cents and die clashed memorial cents. I also found a strike through 2021 cent and several DDO and DDR shield cents. Lastly, I found a couple of DDR memorial cents and even an RPM memorial cent.

Here are what the pictures are (in order):

  1. A picture of all the non-variety and error finds
  2. 1920 Buffalo
  3. Nicely toned 2014 shield cent
  4. 1980 cent with roller lines
  5. One of the die clashed 2021 cents I found (found 4)
  6. the 2020 die clashed cent
  7. 2019 die clashed cent
  8. 2021 Strike-through cent
  9. 1st 1983 die clashed cent
  10. 2nd 1983 die clashed cent
  11. 1984 die clashed cent
  12. 1985 die clashed cent
  13. 1986 die clashed cent
  14. DDR PF 1970-S Nickel
  15. DDR PF 1970-S Nickel
  16. DDR PF 1970-S Nickel
  17. 2020 WDDO-001 cent (found 2)
  18. Unlisted 2020 DDR cent
  19. Another Unlisted 2020 DDR cent
  20. 2016-P WDDO-004 cent
  21. 1999 Unlisted DDR cent
  22. 2005 Unlisted DDR cent
  23. 2002 Unlisted DDR cent
  24. 1959-D RPM
  25. 2021 WDDO-001 (found several

On a side note, keep an eye out for another coin update from me sometime next week. Why? Because I just ordered my coolest coin order ever! I was going to order a couple of half dollar boxes and some other denominations, but since my bank told me that they couldn't order anything for customers besides halves and dollars, I decided to go all half dollar-I ordered 3 boxes of halves! Let's just hope they aren't all brand new 2021s.

Anyways, thanks for reading this blog, enjoy the huge amount of pictures, and have a great day!



Level 6

Great finds! You are the luckiest coin searcher! ; )


Level 5

Wow! Amazing Finds! Especially from roll searching! Good Luck!


Level 5

Great finds and great pictures. Keep us posted. Roll searching blogs are a favorite of mine. Like seeing what finds are out there. Learning quite a bit.


Level 5

Nice RPM! And Mike, was that last sentence intended as a pun?

AC coin$

Level 6

You are in your favorite líne, great observation of information, details. Great hunting and great work .


Level 7

Good hunting. Like I said with billions being made you will find many of these. You will find the one. If you keep going. Most do t own a microscope . So we don't see them. Keep going your on a roll!

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