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08 Jun 2021

First “W” Cent|Coin Update #22

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Hello all! I hope you are doing well and that you enjoy reading this blog!

Today I am going to tell you guys about some new purchases of mine! Recently, I sold a OBW 2021 penny box on Ebay and I decided to use some of the proceeds to buy some more numismatic stuff off of Ebay. Here is a list of what I ordered: a beautiful NGC MS-69 2019 west point Lincoln Cent (More on it later), a set of 5 coin display easels, 20 “zip lock” baggies for graded coins (didn’t end up being zip lock like it said in the description, but they will still work), and a 2005-S proof memorial Lincoln Cent for my type set. All of the aforementioned items came yesterday except for the coin easels. The NGC 2019-W cent is absolutely beautiful and came with the bonus of the original mint packaging. Also, it was the perfect candidate for several of my NGC Registry sets. The registry set that I am trying to focus on is my small cent registry set which you can see here: My Small Cent Registry Currently, I have two coins in this set, a NGC MS-66 1955-S wheat penny and of course the NGC MS-69 2019-W cent. Even though I am trying to focus on completing my small cent type set, I am also planning on working on my nickel type set. Currently this set only has my NGC MS-66 1943-S Jefferson war nickel, but I am planning on eventually getting two more coins to add to it, a 2020-W reverse proof nickel and maybe a MS-66 Jefferson Nickel. I plan on getting the reverse proof 2020-W nickel off of ebay and I am looking at a 1938 MS-66 Jefferson Nickel for sale at my local coins shop for $40, do you guys think this is a good deal?

I also recently received an order of coin holders from whitman.com. In the order, I ordered my first ever mini of 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch 2x2s (oh, wait, should I call them 1.5x1.5s? Haha) And I will say that I amvery pleased with the cent/dime size, but I can’t say the same for the nickel size. I found have two problems with the nickel size, first, the plastic windows are too big (large enough for a quarter, which I didn’t want, I wanted nickel size windows because I have other holders for quarters [2x2s] and the size of the windows leave hardly any room for writing information) and second, when I fold them in half, one side is a fair amount longer so I have to trim each mini “nickel” flip before I use it because if I don’t these holders look a little weird. Thanks so much for reading this blog, tell me if you like my “guess the word” idea, and have a great day! -CoinHunter

PS Sorry that there weren’t any pics of the coins, I haven’t got a chance to snap some yet. But if you want to see my 2019-W Lincoln cent, all you have to do is visit my registry set.

Guess the Word-nummular

Guess the meaning of the word, and I will announce who got it (if anyone) and what it means in my next blog!



Level 5

Ah yes, the 2019 W lincoln cent. Nothing is more satisfactory on a modern coin than the W mintmark on a lincoln cent. Keep up the good work!


Level 6

Cool! I bet that was a lot of money in shipping! ; )

Long Beard

Level 5

I haven't searched through rolls for years. A full time job and home setting on seven acres doesn't leave much time left. On the upside, eight years to retirement! (unless Publishers Clearing House knocks on my door).


Level 7

I would of called them cents! Not pennys.That's just me. . I got use to it. It happens. Now I'm stuck with it

Long Beard

Level 5

Get 'em, Mike. We ain't been British in 238 years.


Level 6

First I need to know what a OBW 2021 cent box is?


Level 5

Original bank wrapped brand new box of pennies.


Level 5

You sure have been busy. Nummular ? I need to work on that. Thanks for the update. Very interesting.


Level 5

Thanks a lot!

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