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24 May 2021

GSA vs. PCGS, NGC & ANACs Slabbed Alone

Coins-United States | user_9342

Hi All, I've been absent for awhile due to heath issues which are, at this point, somewhat more under control. (Should write an article on "Pain Hacks"- lol.) Anyhow, this post is somewhat of a build on my last post, re: 1903 Proof Liberty Nickel. It seems that everyone agrees 'buy the coin, not the holder' is the correct approach. However, it is interesting that the CDN lists GSA Morgan Dollars in a separate price listing and at higher prices than non-GSA Morgan's. One can only conclude that the packaging must be valuable? This, of course, is non-sensical if we agree with the adage "buy the coin not the holder", box in this case. I have been looking for some Carson City Morgan's recently. While there are nice examples out there of both GSA & non-GSA Morgan's, on the average I've seen more GSA Morgan's with bag marks and scuff's in the frost (obverse) than the non-GSA Morgan's. The scuffs in the frost don't seem to be a big factor in grading from a technical standpoint? However, from a eye appeal perspective they are not as attractive coins. It seems the GSA bags of dollars were thrown around a good bit vs. coins plucked from circulation. So, my quest for a nice 1878-cc '63 (grade I was looking for) is attached. As it turned out, both from price and eye appeal perspective, I ended up with a non-GSA Morgan. It could have just as well been a GSA Morgan, however the eye appeal in many GSA Morgan's (same grade) was lacking. Please any remarks you would like to make, your input is appreciated.

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