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29 May 2018

PCGS / NGC Price Differential

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I always heard 'buy the coin' not the holder.  I have a 1903 NGC PR-68 CAM.   It's POP is 5 now 2 PCGS and 3 NGC (think that is correct it was POP 4, PCGS now shows POP 2, was POP 1 in 2015); seems the newly graded has not been sold, no record I can find.

Ok, that's the background, now the situation and question: the PCGS coin sold for about $20k, the NGC's: $3.7k-$8.6 K (CoinFacts).  The PCGS Price Guide was about $20k and now is $31.5k, I'm certain for the PCGS coins only.

But really?  After some 50 years of collecting the 1903 NGC PR-68 CAM is a really beautiful coin; I could not tell you why it's not 68+ or 69 - but I'm not an expert grader either.  (Side Note: bought a what I thought was nice looking and under-graded (based only on jpeg computer picture) 1932-D PCGS Washington Quarter. Sent it to PCGS, after 'some time' it came back 64+,  just happy about that.  Not certain it occurs that often?

But I digress, how can a PCGS coin be worth $15-$20k more than NGC coin of same grade.  

Is there really that much of a premium difference justified?

Are collectors / investors really just buying the holder?

Any Comments / Thoughts Appreciated.  (I'm a little dumb-founded...)



I have no idea why the PCGS graded coins are more expensive.


Level 7

In the year 2021 P.C.G.S is more liberal than NGC. How do I know. I watch Rick Tomaska. I don't buy from him. He shows all the digures. P.C.G.S. Is all of one third higher than NGC. It's in black and white. . Insane my coins to NGC. I don't like the holders and what I collect they leave of the important edge writing. To each there own.


Level 6

From my experience right now beautifully toned coins are a Hot item. Especially at auction sites. 20 years ago blast white on a coin was the Hot ticket. A toned coin like you described above and thanks for letting us all know about that fact... could easily bring thousands more to the table.


Level 4

That is a very weird price difference! I agree with Longstrider, talk to the auction house's consignment people, that might give you some info. That sure is a beautiful coin though... :)


Level 3

Fyi, One of the reasons I bid on the coin was the huge price differential. Of course, I really liked the coin first of all. I would send it to PCGS, but with such a low POP, my guess is PGCS has seen this coin, probably a couple of times. My guess is it is an anomoly of the specific auction and would expect the PCGS coin would move in price towards the NGC graded coins. With just PCGS POP 1 in 2015, now POP 2, not going to see it that often. Fyi, no provenance attributed to the PCGS coin, just nice light even rainbow toning on both sides.


Level 6

That price difference is big! It could be the timing of the auction, the toning, a provenance maybe, but such a big difference?


Level 5

I agree with Longstrider. That has to be some sort of difference between the 2 coins.


Level 6

Wow!!! That is a huge difference. Right off the top I would go PCGS and a CAC sticker. Having said that who knows what the different coins actually looked like. Toned, blast white somewhere in between. One never knows how an auction will go. The lower ones could have been after a big show and everyone was broke. I think I would call a couple of big auction houses and talk to their consignment people with this question. That's too big of a difference without something else going on..Good luck!


Level 3

To be fair, the PCGS coins is beautiful rainbow toned, while the others a blast white, like my pic. But $15k-$20k for toning, I guess it the buyers discretion and certainly there was bidding to move the price of the PCGS coin that high. Still...

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