It's Mokie's Blog

28 Jan 2022

An interesting turn of events

| It's Mokie

Well I recently became a life member of ANA and the final switchover from regular member to life member (for some reason it was delayed for several weeks after they were paid) occurred today. I now find myself with a shiny new number LM 7133 but I also find myself with no blogs, and no history to my name. I suppose someone at ANA could link my old account to my new account and make me whole again but I am quite frankly filled with ennui and could not care even a little bit about my lost account. I suppose it is out there in the ether? Maybe I can look myself up and marvel at my past musings but I just feel free now and I am going to push ahead like the newbie I am. Pictured is my 15 year ANA membership medal from 1992. I quit ANA for over 25 years in 1993 and now in 2022 I start anew. Yay for me.

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