It's Mokie's Blog

04 Sep 2021

A reflection on 9/11, 20 years hence

| It's Mokie

It's hard to believe it has been 20 years since the 9/11 terrorist attack on this nation. I still remember the Coaster pulling into the Old Town Station while I received a phone call from my wife about the first plane into the towers. At that early time, she had no details, she had just been told by a High School friend of my stepdaughter Holly that the building had been struck probably by some light plane in a horrible accident. I was a Navy civilian security person on 9/11 and as you can imagine, my base, the Old Town Campus of SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific, San Diego was shortly thereafter put on high alert. Navy Region Southwest had their Command Center on my base and we had a parade of high ranking personnel from all over San Diego descending on us. It was the most eventful day of my entire career.

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