1803 Bust Dollar

07 Dec 2018

A new addition to my collection - This die variety is rated R-4 (76 to 200 known) in Jules Reiver’s book on Early Silver Dollars. 1803 has a reported mintage of 85,634. I grade this coin as having VF-20 detail but holed at 12 o’clock



Level 4

Super NICE! I love the old stuff!


Level 5

Nice rare coin even with a hole. I was tempted to start a holed coin collection. Would be an interesting area to start. Coins with holes. Your coin is fantastic, even with a hole. Nice pick up.


Level 4

Wow wish I could get one. Nice coin


Level 5

Awesome coin! really old.


Level 4

Very cool coin!

This is an amazing coin I wish to own something that old in my collection. I have dreaming of owning a Draped Bust Half Dollars, but some of them burn a hole in your pocket!


Level 6

One big, beautiful coin w/a lot of history behind it.


Level 6

She's beautiful!


Level 6

That is truly a beautiful coin. Good get. Thanks for the info.


Level 7

Beauty of a coin I only own one. Wish I had more but sometimes other things you see you collect them. Enjoy it

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