Just Mokie's 3 Inch Medals

18 Jun 2019

A small but growing collection of 3" art medals from various sources. Two of these medals, the Washington at Prayer Masonic Medal, and the Army Bicentennial Medal were purchased by my Father for his own personal enjoyment.



Level 5

Into the medals now. I have a few and think your the one who got me started. I need to post in my collections also what I have so far. Some really nice medals.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I really enjoyed seeing your medals Malcolm, I especially liked the Laura Gardin Fraser and the Rodin medals. Medals put the artistic elite's talent in the hands of people who could not personally enjoy owning the works of the great ones otherwise.


Level 6

Cool. I enjoy seeing your collections grow.


Level 7

Mokie the another great medal. Sorry I missed it.


Level 5

Good work!


Level 5

Nice collection!


Level 6

Great collection! I recognize a few that are in my collection too!


Level 4

Very nice collection!

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