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15 Dec 2020

1950 D Jefferson Nickel

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Hi everyone! About a week ago I found a 1950 D nickel in a two dollar nickel coin roll. As I looked at each date in the roll this one did not stand out and looked as if it was minted in 1995 ( I am so glad I check every date). At the time I found it I had just started filling a nickel album and was only looking for a week. I was really surprised to find one so soon when I thought it would take years. I have always known that a 1950 D Nickel was collectable but I never really did much research so I went online and saw why it was so collectible. The mint only made two and a half million 1950 D nickels compared to 36 million of 1949 D nickels. Coin collectors at that time knew that the new nickel had a very low mintage and it was worth saving for the future. Since they were saved early on many were kept in Mint State condition. It is very common that these nickels are graded up to MS 66 but MS 67 is very rare, PCGS has only graded one 1950 D nickel at MS 67 or higher. The nickel I found was not a mint state but it was pretty high with a grade of AU 56. One reason the mintage was so low was because of the post war recession that was still taking place in 1950. Another reason the mintage was so low is because of years before. In 1949 and 1948 the mint minted enough coins that not as many were needed in 1950. The 1950 No Mintmark coin also had a low mintage but not as rare as the Denver one of that year. I never thought that I would find the rarest date Jefferson nickel after a little bit of looking but I did. I really enjoy collecting Nickels because it is possible to find Buffalo Nickels, Silver War Nickels and rare dates like 1950 D by looking through a $2 coin roll. This coin was a great addition to my collection and is the best find I have found in circulation. Along with finding this nickel I also found two Silver War nickels in the same group of nickels. I am excited to keep searching for nickels to add to my collection. Thanks so much for Reading!






Level 5

Great catch. Jefferson Nickels are one of my favorite's to collect.


Level 5

Sweet find, nickels are fun to collect, there seems to be some nice examples still floating around out there. Let us know if you find more. Later!


Level 6

Good job on your roll searching! Keep up the good work!


Level 5

I have looked through WAY to many of those $2 rolls than any sane person should haha! Thanks for the blog! Cheers, NM

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