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21 Jun 2019


Coins-United States | user_95047

Greetings fellow numismatists.I am new to this, a retired postal worker age 65.A friend of the family has a relationship with a coin dealer.I have at present just less than $9K to start collecting/investing,with periodic smaller amounts likely.I have been reading MEGA RED and other books plus watching satellite tvcoin collecting shows and researching internet.I would like to start a nice collection and expand upon itgradually through the years.My wife and I adopted a soon to be 4 years old girl.This will be for Mariah.I am interested in a few, select nice individual coins,but am more interested in collecting/investing in sets,such as Kennedy halves, Franklin halves, etc.I live in the Milwaukee WI area and my friend'scoin dealer's name is Bob's OK Coins.Any help/suggestions would be most appreciated

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