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15 Feb 2019

Coin shows

| user_95414

Hello I am going to my first coin show and I am wondering if I can negotiate with sellers. Also if shows have events for kids. 


Most numismatists love seeing young people getting started. I have often taken advantage of "Kid Discounts". :)


Level 6

Definitely try to make a deal. Ask...It can't hurt and you never know the dealer just might take your offer! Most of all have fun and take it all in. They should have stuff for kids to do as well! ; )


Level 7

You can deal with any one. At a show a store anywhere just know what your buying and the price and condition. Get a red book or something . So you know.anything about grades? Uncirirculaded and circulated . Be careful. Mike.

Yes, just do not push too hard ask for what is fair.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Absolutely, I always negotiate with dealers and usually get at least 10% off the price on the slab. But you have to be fair about it and realize the dealer needs to feed his family too. Most larger shows have special programs for young numismatists. The last show I went to had a table of free magazines, etc. for YNs only and a treasure hunt card to get some free coins. But it depends on the show.


Level 6

You bet you can negotiate. Most dealers will even tell you to take 10% or whatever, off the price as he hands the coin to you to view. be fair. Many shows have things for kids. Have fun and good hunting.


Level 6

Yes, you can negotiate. And many shows do have things for younger collectors.


Level 6

Yes you can negotiate. Remember to be reasonable on what you offer. After going to shows and seeing the same dealers, you will fine out who you like to do business. Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!


Level 5

Yes, you can negotiate. Some shows have things for kids. The ANA show has a lot of things for kids.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

You can definetly negotiate with sellers. Just make sure you are reasonable. If you are a kid many sellers will give it to you for a cheaper price and sometimes even free. Some shows have events for kids but not all of them.

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