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12 Mar 2017

African American Museum

| Conan Barbarian

A week or two ago i went to the A.A. museum and saw an unexpected exhibit, there was a wall full of old us paper money from before the civil war. what was very interesting about this type set was that all of the different bills depicted African Americans, usually on plantations,  but some were in other settings. this was also the first time i have ever seen a 3 dollar bill and all of the designs were fascinating. in my opinion the paper money in the pre-civil war era was much more eye appealing than the bills nowadays. there was also an abundance of depictions of woman, which was surprising to me because back then they didn't share the same equality as now and today there are people trying to get a female face on the US currency while back in the 1800s there were plenty of women depicted on the paper money. another piece of history that i learned was that before the civil war each state had their own banks, sometimes cities printed their own money, which made it a little harder to trade outside of states but it is really cool the types of designs and the history behind all of them.



Level 5

Always something to learn at the money museum. Thanks for the article.


Level 6

I recently started looking at our currency more closely. I agree civil war era currency is much more beautiful than today's boring note. Thanks for the blog!


Level 6

I would enjoy seeing this collection. I am not familiar with these. Thanks!


Level 5

Thanks for the blog and photos

Mike B

Level 6

Well thank you for that information. Yes there were many different notes before the war. And they continued during the war with the same ideas so to say. Thanks for the pictures glad you took them. Well written and again thanks for your time and effort.

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